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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your White Bread Addiction

Stop White Bread AddictionWe all want to eat as healthily as possible, but sometimes our lifestyles can wreak havoc on our nutrition endeavors. In an attempt to get all of our vitamins and minerals, we often opt for white bread because it is usually fortified. Despite this seemingly healthy advantage, white bread is actually not very good for you at all. On top of that, it can become downright addictive for some people. To be as healthy as possible without becoming a food junkie, you will need to know about some easy ways to get rid of your white bread addiction.

1. Choose a Whole Wheat Option over White Bread

You do not have to eat white bread just because the recipes you love call for it or because it is usually your first option when you prepare a meal. Using healthy substitutions is a good way to get the best of both worlds—the delicious and the nutritious. Instead of slapping your favorite toppings onto some white bread, choose a delicious whole wheat option. Nowadays you can even find tortillas that are made with whole wheat instead of processed white flour.

2. Say Hello to Lettuce and Kale

You can break your white bread addiction easily if you simply stop eating bread altogether. Instead of making that sandwich with white or even whole wheat bread, use a leaf of fresh, organic lettuce or kale. Using lettuce instead of bread is far healthier. On top of that, lettuce or kale is a low-fat way to enjoy your favorite meals for lunch. If that were not enough to convince you, using lettuce and kale can make your meal crunchier while offering you an adequate source of water as well. Say goodbye to your white bread and say hello to lettuce and kale!

3. Totally Tofu

Another great substitute for white bread is tofu. This delicious alternative comes in several different types: from firm and soft to spicy and plain, and everything in between. It can be used in many of the same ways that bread can be used, and it is typically fortified with vitamins and minerals. Usually a low-fat option as well, tofu can help you to enjoy all of your favorite recipes while battling that white bread addiction of yours. There are numerous recipes available online for tofu alternative meals. The key is to use herbs and spices to achieve the taste you want.


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