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5 of the Most Incredible Weight Loss Success Stories Ever

Weight Loss Success StoriesMany celebrities have lost a tremendous amount of weight and have set examples for people to follow. They are living examples of the fact that losing weight, though difficult, is not impossible. Here are five of the most inspiring weight loss success stories to inspire you to achieve your weight loss goal:

1. Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton dropped an amazing 150 pounds. He credits his daughter as being the motivation for dropping weight and admitted he felt hurt when his daughter asked him why he was so fat. To lose weight, he famously gave up fried chicken, a favorite food that was part of all three of his meals. His answer to how he lost all of those pounds was that he stopped eating and started exercising. His diet now comprises vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and occasionally fish.

2. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson, who rose to fame with American Idol in 2004, dropped 80 pounds. Jennifer Hudson owes her weight loss to healthy eating choices and exercise. According to Jennifer Hudson, her motivation for losing weight was to shed the extra pounds she had put on during pregnancy, and now when she looks back, the difference is amazing. The Oscar-winning actress announced in November 2012 that, after losing 80 pounds, she is done with losing weight.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is also among the weight loss success stories. After struggling with her weight for years, Oprah Winfrey finally emerged as a winner when she dropped pounds and appeared slimmer and in shape. In Oprah Winfrey’s words, success, fame, and money do not mean anything if you cannot control yourself. According to her, life loses its meaning if you fail to fit in your clothes. Her approach to weight loss is proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep, as lack of sleep may also lead to weight gain.

4. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson put on 70 pounds during pregnancy. However, with professional help she was able to shed 60 of the 70 extra pounds in just five months following the birth of her daughter. In the months following the birth of her second child, a son this time, she again lost 50 pounds and is looking to shed more. Jessica now rightfully declares she is proud of herself.

5. Drew Carey

Drew Carey’s unhealthy weight was accompanied by health issues, and now, after having lost 80 pounds, he says he is no longer required to take his type-2 diabetes medication. As for the secrets of his weight loss, he says he owes it to a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, and proteins, combined with a 45-minute cardio regimen six times a week.

These celebrities’ weight loss success stories are prime examples of the fact that, however difficult weight loss may look, it is never impossible to reach your weight loss goals.


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