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The Importance of Setting a Realistic Weight Loss Goal

setting a weight loss goalIf you have ever tried to lose weight before, then you know firsthand why you need to have a weight loss goal in mind at the start. Chances are that you know this first hand because you’ve fallen off track before and made some common mistakes. Though we may start out with the very best of intentions, the reality is that we need something tangible to keep us going. Just thinking about what you want out of a given weight loss attempt won’t get you to where you want to go. Just throwing out some random numbers or obscure ideas won’t help to keep you on track. Goals are always the way to go to get results!

As you think about the importance of a good weight loss goal, it’s really about accountability. When you set up goals for yourself, particularly within weight loss, then this will help you to keep on track. You want to make it tangible, measurable, and write it down so that you are visually tied to this goal. This helps you to have something to work towards and ensures that you stay with the program. Just thinking about what you want won’t give you that same accountability that you need. Having the goal and making it something that you can see each day will help you to stay accountable, for you have something very real to work towards. This type of goal can pave the way towards your journey and your end result!

This Makes You Accountable and Gives You Results In The End

A good weight loss goal may serve multiple purposes and therefore take on many different forms. You may wish to challenge yourself to hit the gym a certain number of times a week. You may want to work to try out a new healthy recipe each week. You may want to change up the way that you eat. These are all short term goals that help to pave the way and move you towards your longer term overall goal. You may want to lose a certain number of pounds or inches by a certain point in time. So the short term goals will help you to move towards your long term goal—and that’s when the results start to come together!

A weight loss goal can make the difference between success and failure, because it’s really that important. This is something that you have to work towards rather than some obscure target that you throw out in your mind. The more detail that you add to it, the more likely you are to stick with the program. This is a path that helps you to move towards all the right things and gets your body to change in the right way. Making yourself accountable to work towards this very real and very tangible goal gives you purpose. Then you can shape your weight loss program around this goal, and the rest is history!


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