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TRIMTHIN X700 ReviewsTRIMTHIN X700 has accomplished an outstanding achievement in the non-prescription weight loss and management industry.  It has achieved a list of benefits through clinically researched ingredients that is unparalleled.  While taking these bright red capsules, dieters enjoy a spectrum of advantages that help them to beat their biggest challenges to achieving their weight loss goals.  This diet pill not only supports healthy dieting and regular exercise but also makes it easier for dieters to build the habits they need to continue those efforts over the long term, making sure that once the pounds are gone, they stay gone! Here’s what These diet capsules have to offer:

  • Hyper-thermogenic energy formula – If you have a busy schedule, want to increase or keep up an active lifestyle and don’t want to have to combat fatigue along the way, TRIMTHIN X700 has you covered.  This formula boosts your energy levels and enhances thermogenesis at the same time.
  • Workout performance support – Just going to the gym isn’t going to get you any results.  You need to make sure you’re giving your best performance with each workout to squeeze the most calorie and fat burning from each minute of your workout.  The stable, extreme energy from this formula can help power up your performance every time you get moving.
  • Focus on your goal – Along with added energy, your alertness and focus will also experience a helpful shot in the arm. This way, you’ll have an added advantage for staying driven and motivated to keep up with your healthy food choices and eating habits.
  • Premium-quality proprietary formula – TRIMTHIN X700 was developed using only clinically researched ingredients in a combination meant to provide full-spectrum healthy dieting support to dieters with a BMI of 25 to 29.9.

The creators of TRIMTHIN, a team of scientists at Intechra Health Inc., meticulously researched all of the top known substances supported by clinical study results, in order to create a capsule containing the ultimate combination balancing each ingredient. This revolutionary formula is ideal for many dieters who can’t use a prescription but who need help to shed the excess weight.

Many dieters are more savvy than they used to be when it comes to dieting aids. They no longer fall for false claims that a nonprescription pill can provide the same effects as a prescription drug. They don’t believe promises that they will be able to swallow a pill and lose a meaningful amount of body fat without making any changes to their lifestyles – particularly if they don’t want to see the weight returning in the near future.

Instead, dieters know that weight loss means changes to diet and exercise and can be supported – made easier and more comfortable – by using the right high quality diet pills like TRIMTHIN X700.

The result is that dieters are not flocking to prescription diet pill alternatives nearly as often and are instead looking for realistic, highly beneficial ways to complete their healthy weight loss strategies with formulas made of exclusively clinically researched ingredients.


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 9 reviews

been taking it for one week and only lost one pound. I think I am eating less but still getting hungry. not sure this is the right pill for me but it seems to work for some.

by micky'smom on Phentermine Diet Pills

For the last 5 years I have been a little heavier then I would like. I am not overly fat, just want to drop an excess 20 lbs. I started trimthin 4 weeks ago nd with very little effort lost 13 lbs. I had no idea it could be this easy. This stuff is truly amazing I am sold!

I think this product effects each person differently. For me it works very well. No jitters ( I'm not sensitive to caffeine) and I am not hungry. But my brother claims it's not doing anything for him. For others more sensitive to the ingredients, they may feel more side effects or claim it doesn't work. I think it's important to realize that not every product will work the same on everyone.

by losing the weight one lb at a time on Phentermine Diet Pills

I have been taking this for 6 weeks and in the first month I lost 18 lbs. On week 5 I lost another 3 lbs and week six another 2.2 lbs for a grand total of 23.2 lbs. I can say for sure that without these pills I would NOT have been nearly this successful. I lowered my calories to 1300 a day and track it on my iphone and I exercise at least 3 days a week and try to do something active on the other days.. I do have a dry mouth but I carry water with me at all times. Hope this helps someone else.

It will help you lose weight but be careful when you stop taking it. If you quit cold turkey you will be as hungry as ever and gain the weight back. That is what happened to me.

I am only 17 years old and I have lost 10 lbs in 10 days with TrimThin. My current weight is 190 lbs and by summer I want to be 150 lbs. I don't want to go to prom the way I am now I am too young to be this big.

by CindiBean on Phentermine Diet Pills

Very good diet pill I am not hungry all the time. Even though I don't feel "extra energized," in two months I have still lost 20 lbs.

by Megan Simpson on Phentermine Diet Pills

I hit the one month anniversary of my diet & supplement "program" or "cleanse" or whatever you want to call it and as of today I have lost 13.5 lbs with very little effort. These pills are great. I have about another 20 or so more to go and hope within the next 2 months I will be at my goal, and that I can continue to eat healthy afterward and keep the weight off. Hope everyone else is having good success also 🙂

by sweetmalduck on Phentermine Diet Pills

My friend and I both started weight watchers 2 weeks ago I ordered Trimthin and am doing that at the same time and she is not. After our second weigh in I am past the first 10 lb milestone at 12.2 lbs and she is only at 5.5lbs she is hungry all the time and really struggling with the points. I am having a much easier time eating just veggies (0 points.) I really do think it's helping lose weight faster and easier the weight is just coming off. Very happy with the quality of this product.

TRIMTHIN X700 Extreme Energy Fat Fighting Formula


TRIMTHIN X700 has introduced a first-of-its-kind weight management pill to the dieting marketplace by providing a proprietary formula made exclusively with clinically researched ingredients and presented in a fully transparent way.  Gone are the days when dieters were required to have a doctorate in order to pick their way through the claims and promises of diet pills

The difference TRIMTHIN X700 has made is that it tells you exactly what you can expect, what it contains, and why those specific substances were chosen.  This is not a prescription diet drug alternative. This is better!  The problem with prescription drugs is that they are meant specifically as obesity treatments.  They can be used only over the short-term as the body builds a tolerance to them, they can lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms, and they are associated with the risk of severe side effects.

If you just want healthy, realistic weight loss, those disadvantages are the last things you would want.  That’s why TRIMTHIN X700 doesn’t pretend to mimic that type of product.  It’s not a prescription obesity drug.  Instead, it’s meant to help overweight dieters – typically with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 – to overcome their top challenges in their weight loss strategies. All without the risk of the severe side effects or dependency linked with an obesity med.

The TRIMTHIN X700 proprietary formula brings only clinically studied substances together into each red capsule.  This has turned the industry on its head, redefining what it is to offer true, helpful weight management support dieters can actually use.  The scientists at Intechra Health were determined to provide overweight dieters with the option they have been seeking without any need for false claims or over-dramatized promises.

The formula includes:

• Green Tea Leaf Extract
• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
• Caffeine
• Xanthinol Nicotinate
• Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Powder
• Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Root Extract

These ingredients have been carefully chosen for the scientific study they have each undergone. They have been combined in a way that creates a powerful weapon against fatigue, loss of focus, and decreased alertness while transforming the body into an energized machine, fully powered to keep up with a healthy eating and exercising strategy.