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What to Expect When Stopping Phentermine Pills

When Stopping Phentermine Pills

Phentermine is one of many popular prescription weight loss products that work by stimulating the body in order to help you burn more fat and calories and slim down. However, when you use this product for a long period of time, you could become psychologically dependent, and that could make it really difficult to stop taking it.

In addition to the potential side effects that can occur while you are taking Phentermine, there are also many withdrawal symptoms that are associated with stopping Phentermine pills, and some of the main ones are listed below. Consider these effects before you ask your doctor for a prescription.

Gaining Weight Again

Believe it or not, stopping Phentermine pills could actually cause you to gain all of that weight back again. Because these pills work by suppressing your appetite, once you stop taking them, you will start eating a lot against because of your increased appetite. If you are not exercising and controlling what you eat every day, and if you are feeling other side effects that are associated with withdrawal, you could quickly gain the weight back.


While you are taking Phentermine, you might feel really energized, thanks to the stimulant ingredients that are within it. So when you stop taking this product, you might end up feeling surprisingly drowsy, weak, and fatigued. That could result in your inability to feel energized enough to work out every day, and that could also contribute to the weight gain mentioned above. Plus, you could end up suffering from brain fog that reduces your ability to perform at school or work.

Imbalanced Mood

Dopamine and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters that regulate your mood, and Phentermine works by altering the levels of these neurotransmitters so that you can feel good while you are dieting. After you stop taking this prescription, your brain will actually require some time to return to normal. Symptoms include a decreased mood, and depression could occur. If you have underlying depression or other mental ailments, this could be especially dangerous.

Cravings for Other Drugs

Once all of the symptoms of withdrawal from Phentermine kick in, you might find yourself tempted to take other drugs that will undo those effects. For example, you might start seeking out other stimulants to give you energy, or you might ask your doctor about anti-depressants so that you can start to feel good again. But taking more pills certainly won’t bring real balance back to your body.

Stopping Phentermine pills could be harder than you first imagine. As an alternative, you can talk to your doctor about taking an alternative diet product. Instead of Phentermine PhenBlue can be taken. This is available without a prescription.

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