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Stop Frying Food with These Healthier Cooking Methods

Stop Frying Food and cook healthierFrying your food ends up adding unnecessary calories and fat to your meal. So while you may enjoy the taste of fried foods, you should start preparing your meals in a much healthier way. The good news is that, when you are ready to stop frying food, there are several healthier cooking methods that you can employ every day right in your own kitchen, and they will work on retaining as much of your food’s nutrients and flavors as possible.

When it comes to preparing poultry or meat, consider roasting it rather than frying it. Using a rack that is placed in a pan will allow the meat to cook without having to sit in any fat drippings. And if you add flavor to the meat with the help of fat-free liquids, such as lemon juice, tomato juice, or wine, you will no longer need to use those fat drippings at all.

To prepare your vegetables in a healthy way while deriving as much nutrition from them as possible, steam them in a basket that is placed over simmering water. You will not need to add any salt to your veggies when you cook them in this manner, as their natural flavors will also be retained.

Oftentimes, when you can fry something, you can bake it instead. By avoiding all of that oil altogether, baking means that your meal will be much healthier. Just bake your food in covered cookware and add some extra liquid so that it will not lose all of its moisture in the process.

Sautéing your food is another way that you can stop frying food every day. Using a pan that has a built-in nonstick surface means that you will only need to use a little bit of oil, if any at all, when preparing your foods in this manner, and that will dramatically reduce the amount of fat and calories that you would otherwise consume from deep frying your foods.

There are many great reasons to stop frying food, including the fact that you no longer have to rely upon fatty oils to add flavor to your food. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, and stay healthy, start adding the cooking options above to your routine, and take a product like PhenBlue, which will boost your weight loss success even more than healthy cooking can on its own.


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