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How to Spring Clean Your Diet for Weight Loss and Wellness

Spring Clean Your Diet for weight lossWith winter out of the way, it’s time to step away from those heavy comfort foods and bulky sweaters in favor of lighter foods and clothing. This year, to make sure you boost the healthfulness and weight loss impact of this change, take advantage of this time to spring clean your diet.

This doesn’t have to mean that you’re going to overhaul the way you eat and take on all new meals that you’ve never eaten before and leave behind everything you’ve always loved. Instead, being able to spring clean your diet, like when you do so for your home, means you’re keeping the same great things that you love while eliminating the junk that isn’t doing you any good.

When you spring clean your diet, you’re taking the time to go through everything and toss out what you know isn’t right for you anymore. Instead of washing the walls and dusting every surface, you’re washing out the excess sodium and dusting off the added sugars, for example. In this way, you’ll be able to keep what you love and toss what doesn’t love you.

The following are some of the best ways that you can do this:

Take a look at your portion sizes – this includes not only the amounts you’re eating at full meals but also the quantities you’re eating of each individual food during any given meal. What does your plate look like? Is it half veggies, one quarter whole grains and one quarter proteins most of the time? If not, you might want to think about whether or not your diet has been properly balanced.

Shake off the winter
– we all get into the richer foods like soups, sauces and desserts throughout the wintertime when it’s easy to cover up the damage with big clothes. When springtime comes around, it’s time to toss those bad habits and take on new ones that will help us to build healthier bodies instead of bigger ones.

Clean your fridge and cupboards – take every food off each shelf and check its best before or expiry date. Toss what has spoiled while dividing the rest between foods you should keep and foods you should donate or give away.

Add probiotics – as you get rid of the heavy, salty and sugary foods, replace some of them with those rich in probiotics which are amazing for digestive health. Consider live culture yogurts and kefir as well as foods like unpasteurized, raw sauerkraut and other fermented foods.


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