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Is It Safe to Take Phentermine While Nursing?

Taaking Phentermine While NursingWhen you are pregnant or nursing, it is imperative that you find out what you can take and what you can’t. Many women want to lose weight immediately after pregnancy and will adopt a weight loss program, and diet pills are very popular for this. People often wonder about taking phentermine while nursing because it is a popular diet pill, but the issue is that it’s a prescription.
When you are a nursing mother, you have a responsibility to understand everything you are putting in your body. If you are taking any medication for any reason, you are putting it through your breast milk and into your newborn baby.

Phentermine while nursing can cause some issues. There are chemicals in phentermine that induce adrenaline. The reason for this is that adrenaline will essentially place the body in fight-or-flight mode so that it can burn more calories. It is also loosely related to amphetamines, which is where transference becomes a factor.

When you have been breastfeeding, everything that you eat and drink, including chemicals and even the flavors of what you are ingesting, the baby will also receive. Now, there is no evidence that phentermine while nursing is passed through the breast milk and to the baby. But why should it be considered any different than the food we eat? Phentermine is definitely safe for the nursing mom, but it is the short- and long-term health of the baby with which we need to be concerned.

Understanding the side effects of phentermine is important so that you can detect them and make an educated decision about what to do. The main side effects that you are likely to experience with phentermine are dizziness, elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, slightly raised temperature, restlessness, or hyperactivity. If you decide that this is way too much of a health risk for your newborn, you can go to a non-prescription diet pill, which is made to do exactly the same thing that phentermine does. It is over-the-counter and is called Phentramin-D. It is a little blue-and-white speckled pill that has very few side effects, if any, and has a more natural proprietary base. So, phentermine while nursing never has to be a problem. Speak with your doctor before taking any diet pill during nursing to make sure it is safe for you.


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