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The Top Reasons for Overeating, and How You Can Stop

Top Reasons for OvereatingThe reasons for overeating may be numerous but the key to stop yourself from overeating is to learn to read your body’s signals for food so you can react to them in time and don’t overstuff yourself all the time. If you accustom yourself into listening to your body, you will discover you will start feeding it the appropriate amount of food and at the appropriate time. Reasons for overeating vary from one person to another.

Some people eat because their friends are eating or because they don’t want to sit idle while their friends munch on their donuts and pastries. Others eat because their plate is huge so every time they think they are eating just a plate, they are actually consuming two plates worth of food. Then there are people who eat because they are bored, tired, feel deprived, or are procrastinating about stopping overeating. Following are some tricks that can assist you in spotting hunger in time to stop it from spiraling out of hand.

Learn the Hunger Scale

Learn to read the physical cues your body sends you when it wants to be fed. The hunger scale will help you determine the quantity of food your body needs.

  • Starving: You have an empty stomach! You might feel light-headed and jitters as a result of low blood sugar levels. Your binge risk is extremely high in this situation.
  • Very Hungry: You are thinking about your next meal and if you don’t get it in half an hour or so, you might end up in the ‘starving’ territory.
  • Moderate Hunger: Your stomach might growl and it might be distracting you. This is the most favorable time to eat.
  • Satisfied: You are not full to the stomach but you are not hungry either. Relaxed and comfortable is how you will feel and can wait for food without straining yourself.
  • Full: Your stomach would start feeling bloated and the food might not appear as tasty as it appeared initially.
  • Stuffed: An uncomfortable heartburn might start to settle in from the acids pooling in your stomach.

Refueling at Short Intervals
No matter what your reasons for overeating are, you can surely cut down on your overeating habit by fueling yourself from time to time. Stretching your breaks might send you on a vigorous hunt for energy and chances are you will end up eating everything and everything that will come your way, whether healthy or not. So, a good idea is to eat at intervals and keep track of your blood sugar levels.

Eat a Full Breakfast
According to a study, eating proteins, carbohydrates and fats in a heavy breakfast are likely to keep you feeling full throughout the day as compared to a person who consumes these later on in the day. Eating a well-balanced breakfast considerably reduces your chances of overeating.


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