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How to Predict How Much Weight You’ll Lose

predict your weight lossIf you are ending up frustrated that, despite your efforts, you are not losing the amount of weight you expected, then knowing the reality of weight loss can help you avoid frustration. Remember, weight loss is a gradual process and requires you to be both patient and consistent in your efforts. This article will take a look at what experts have to say about what to expect on your weight loss journey. Furthermore, this article will help you to predict how much weight you will lose.

Losing 25 Pounds over Three Years

Experts suggest the process of weight loss occurs more gradually than most people assume. They suggest a sound and practical manner to predict how much weight the average overweight adult will lose is using a simple formula. It states that cutting 10 calories from your diet each day will translate into the loss of a mere one pound over a period of three years.

Similarly, reducing your daily calorie intake by 250 calories each day will translate to weight loss of 25 pounds over a period of three years. Experts further suggest almost half the resulting weight loss will be experienced in the first year while the following weight loss can be slow.

Dieting and Exercise: The Correct Balance

For people who struggle to find a balance between dieting and exercise for weight loss, experts suggest weight loss is 75-percent dieting and only 25-percent exercise. Therefore, all those who are struggling for weight loss should emphasize more on dieting and comparatively less on exercise. They further suggest that exercising while following a bad diet that is full of unhealthy calories is more difficult since many times people overestimate the amount of calories they are burning in the process.

However, they suggest exercise is essential for effective weight loss since without exercise, your body might not burn fat but muscles. Losing body fat is a lengthy process, as losing one pound of body fat requires you to burn 3,500 calories.

Losing Two Pounds over a Week

Experts suggest losing two pounds over a period of one week requires the elimination of as many as 1,000 calories daily. Moreover, you can eliminate these calories from your daily diet either by reducing your food intake or by burning them via a workout.

These facts will help you predict how much weight you can realistically and practically lose through your weight loss regimen. Moreover, these expert guidelines will help you set, measure, and evaluate your weight loss goals.


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