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How Do Phentermine Blue Capsules Work?

Among the leading prescription diet pills is Phentermine Blue. This is a version of the drug that provides a time release capsule that is gradually absorbed by the body to provide a longer lasting effect.The results that are provided by Phentermine Blue are the same as the other tablet and capsule versions of this pill. Though it may be absorbed in a time released way, using this pill still provides a dieter with a faster metabolism, appetite suppression, and an energy boost through the stimulation of the nervous system and an increased heart rate and blood pressure level.

Many people like the effect of Phentermine Blue over the other versions of this drug simply because they gain the same weight loss advantages, but they don’t fade out as early in the day. The more consistently held suppression of the appetite means that they will be able to resist the temptation to snack more easily, without suffering from uncomfortable or even painful hunger pangs.

Also to be recognized about Phentermine Blue is the fact that the drawbacks are the same. Like the other versions of this drug, there is a risk of side effects that can range from mild to severe. While some will fade after the first few days of use, others can persist. Moreover, there is a risk of addiction and withdrawal symptoms associated with this medication. For this reason, it can be used only over the short term, and it is not to be ceased without the instruction of a doctor.

Unique to the Phentermine Blue form of this drug is the fact that the capsule cannot be broken, cut, chewed, crushed, or otherwise made smaller. Because this is a time release formula, changing the state of the pill before swallowing can cause too much of the medication to enter the blood stream at one time. This can be problematic for individuals who struggle to swallow pills whole.

As an alternative to Phentermine Blue, for people who cannot receive a prescription for the drug and who want assistance with their dieting because they have a BMI designated as “overweight” – between 25 and 29.9 – there are nonprescription options that can help. For example, the over-the-counter proprietary formula called PhenBlue provides an energizing weight management support product that includes a patented fat interaction ingredient.

Similarly, overweight dieters who had wanted Phentermine Blue but for whom an obesity treatment is not appropriate, FenFast tablets offer fast acting dieting benefits from premium quality clinically researched ingredients.