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Phentermine and Alcohol Use

mixing phentermine and alcohol It’s certainly something that you should consider before ever taking it, and so understanding the connection between phentermine and alcohol use is important. You always want to understand the side effects of every drug that you take. You want to know how it works, and you want to be aware of any possible interactions. When it comes to many medications, you may also want to be careful about drinking alcohol while taking it. This is an important consideration, and especially so when you look at diet pills in general. So knowledge is truly power here!

The main idea is that phentermine and alcohol use is not recommended. This is an interaction that can result in very negative consequences, and therefore the risk is not worth it. What you should know is that a diet pill such as phentermine is known as the type of pill that will give you added energy. It has a certain effect on the nervous system that causes you to feel up and to feel energized, and this is in essence how the appetite suppressant works. So if you are taking this type of pill to get help with managing your appetite it will work, but if you then introduce alcohol you are working against this. You need to be very careful of this or it can have adverse effects.

You Don’t Want The Two Working Against Each Other

The very important thing to know is that alcohol is a depressant. It slows down the nervous system, relaxes you, and may make you sleepy. So when you mix something like phentermine and alcohol, you are sending your body and your brain into a very strange place. The alcohol is acting as a depressant and making you want to relax, and the phentermine is making you feel energized and ready for action. This isn’t good as the body will sort of freak out because the two substances are working against each other, so you want to refrain from alcohol while you are taking this medication.

It’s also important to recognize that when you are trying to lose weight, alcohol can work against you as it represents empty calories. So if you needed another reason to keep away from phentermine and alcohol combinations, use this to motivate you. Sure it’s tempting to enjoy a cocktail here and there, but it’s really best to stay away from it when you are taking a diet pill such as this. It’s not worth the risk, and as you are trying to take care of your body during this time you need all the help you can get. Save the alcohol for another time and really let the phentermine do its job alone!


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