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Amplify Your Fat Fighting Efforts
Powerful Diet Support
Non-Prescription Formula
phen blue reviewsHave you been looking for a diet pill like Phentermine Blue but your doctor has told you that you aren’t eligible for a prescription because you aren’t the right weight, have a conflicting medical condition, or it will interact with one of the other medications you are taking? Have you already tried Phentermine Blue, but you found that the side effects were too strong or you struggled with withdrawal symptoms that were very uncomfortable? Are you seeking an alternative to that drug because you are seeking weight loss support from a non-prescription pill developed to help overweight dieters to adopt a healthier lifestyle while overcoming the top challenges associated with that strategy?

If so, it’s time to learn more about PHENBLUE™. PHENBLUE is an over the counter diet pill to support your weight loss efforts that was scientifically developed by experts at Intechra Health. It is a capsule that contains a proprietary formula made up of clinically researched ingredients known throughout the weight loss industry following scientific study. A growing number of dieters are choosing PHENBLUE after speaking with their doctors and finding that Phentermine Blue is not right for them.  Instead of a prescription obesity treatment, they benefit from a non-prescription proprietary formula made with a combination of patented and premium clinically studied substances.  Have the confidence to stop seeking Phentermine Blue when it’s not right for you.  Choose the top option developed for your dieting needs and expectations.

These include:

  • Patented fat-fighting ingredient NeOpuntia to power-up your healthy diet,
  • An increased energy level so that exercising is easier, performance is better and you’re not impeded by fatigue,
  • Maximum weight management support ingredients that have all been clinically researched,
  • A top quality American-Manufactured pill produced in a cGMP facility.

All these benefits combined, help to support you along a successful path to reaching your weight loss goals. PHENBLUE® assists you through all the top struggles you would otherwise face as you improve the way you eat and exercise for healthy, long-term weight management.  All this without the risk of severe side effects or building a dependency.

These American-manufactured white and blue capsules are produced with only the highest quality ingredients that have each been meticulously selected based on clinical research. Those substances are combined using the best standards for accuracy and freshness.

In this way, you can be confident that you are receiving precision-manufactureed diet pills every time you buy PHENBLUE. Furthermore, with researched ingredients on your side, you can know you’re supporting every healthy step you take with a product that will power you up and help you drive forward to your goal.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

seems to work well- no jittery feeling. I am an active mom w/two small kids so I appreciate the extra energy without feeling crazy. will see where things are at with the weight in about 2 weeks

by thisonesforu on Phentermine Diet Pills

i eat much smaller portion sizes now and it's been much easier to stay away from the snack table at parties and other social events. great diet pill!

by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

For me Phenblue works amazingly well. No jitters and it keeps me full for the bulk of the day/night and I am not constantly distracted by what to eat anymore.

At my 3 week weigh in I am down 14 lbs wahoo! My start weight was 209 now I am 195. I have not been under 200 in a very long time. I love this! I never want to eat for no reason anymore and I have a ton of energy. It's giving me the will power to change the way I eat and think about food. I am very happy!

by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

My hunger is gone and I feel satisfied only eating a small amount of food.

by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

I was sick and tired of my "spare tire" and basically my tummy sitting on my lap. My start weight was 210 lbs and now I after 3 months I weigh 176 lbs for a total loss of 34 lbs. I love Phenblue and it really works.

by d_moats California on Phentermine Diet Pills

Yay for Phenblue! I lost 25 lbs while doing Atkins and taking this pill. It works! It works! It works! Did I mention it works? I don't have cravings and my stupid appetite is not driving me crazy all day long. I have tried generic adipx before but I could not sleep and could not handle the not sleeping and I have no problem sleeping with this. My advice, try a few different diet pills and stick with what works for YOU.

by Kamela K. on Phentermine Diet Pills

I had a lot of side effects with Phentermine and Adipex. The headaches and insomnia being the biggest issues. So far I feel fine on Phen Blue, I can sleep ok and it still gives me that full and satisfied feeling so I don't get the bad cravings. I would rate this a 4/5.

I find this helps while you are making the transition to eating healthier and changing your lifestyle. I find I have less cravings and feel fuller after much less. I have not started working out yet, but this week I will start that. I have lost 16.5 lbs so far and am optimistic that I will continue losing over the next few weeks.

PHENBLUE Instead of a Phentermine Blue Alternative


PHENBLUE is a nonprescription diet pill that was created by Intechra Health Inc. This company developped PHENBLUE to help provide overweight dieters with an over the counter weight loss support they can really use.  After all, Phentermine Blue isn’t right for everyone.  Doctors will only prescribe it to patients with obesity whose health is at risk because of their excess weight.  Therefore, dieters with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 want a real alternative they can use for supporting a healthy weight management lifestyle.

There are many positive factors associated with using Phentermine Blue as an obesity treatment. It is a prescription capsule that provides dieters with important effects that can make it easier for them to achieve their weight loss goals through healthy lifestyle changes.

These capsules give dieters a helpful advantage by shrinking their appetites. When dieters aren’t as hungry, then they are able to eat smaller meals and avoid unnecessary snacking. Assuming that the proper healthy foods are chosen, then the caloric intake can considerably drop every day, without the unpleasant symptoms of hunger pangs.

PHENBLUE® is made for overweight dieters who have opted to develop the type of habits they need to lose the weight and keep it off.  This pill supports every level of healthy dieting changes and regular exercise.  The patented fat interaction ingredient in combination with the rest of this proprietary formula provides dieters with the energy they need to power through a busy day, stay focused and motivated to make the right food choices, and give their best performance in each workout.

This diet pill means that dieters who want to lose weight in a healthy way don’t need to keep looking for a Phentermine Blue alternative when that drug simply isn’t right for them.  Instead, they can get the help they need from a non-prescription capsule that helps to achieve those weight loss goals without the use of harsh substances or fad or crash dieting.

Many dieters have made PHENBLUE their first step to lifelong weight management that makes sure that the healthy habits are in place to not only lose the weight but stop it from ever coming back.  Nobody wants to have to return to weight loss after the yo-yo effect has kicked in.  With the right strategy, those dropped pounds can be gone forever.

The Intechra Health scientists knew this was their goal with the PHENBLUE proprietary formula from the very start.They took strict care to select each ingredient based on only the best clinical research.  They they sourced premium ingredients for combination and manufacturing at top cGMP facilities.  In this way, dieters can feel confident in their strategies to meet their goals with greater comfort and ease.

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