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Obesity Health Risk is as Serious as Smoking

Obesity Health Risk of CancerDid you know that the obesity health risk is as serious as smoking when it comes to increasing the odds of causing cancer?

Everyone knows that smoking can result in cancer, but many people do not realize that obesity can do the same. That’s why experts are now making more of an effort to educate the public about this serious obesity health risk, which we discuss below.

Obesity Health Risk: Why Being Obese Can Lead to Other Problems 

According to Medscape, when you have an excessive amount of body fat, there is also more cell division occurring, and that can result in long-term damage. That, in turn, can boost the risk of developing cancer.

When you look at statistics, they help clarify what a big health risk being obese really is. For example, compared to smoking, being obese results in 180 more cases of liver cancer, 1,400 more cases of kidney cancer, and 460 more cases of ovarian cancer. On top of that, it also causes a whopping 1,900 more cases of bowel cancer. Whoa!

It is also worth noting that, even though they are not yet entirely clear on why excess fat can boost the risk of cancer, experts have been able to identify 13 cancer types that can be caused by obesity.

Experts Hope to Educate the Public on Obesity Risks

Because of campaigns against smoking, more people ended up quitting, and fewer people have taken up the habit since the campaigns were launched and people became more educated about the serious health risks of smoking. Now, experts are hoping that the same can be done with a campaign to teach people abut the dangers of being obese.

Take Steps to Lose Weight Today 

If you are overweight or obese, it is time to get your health on track by shedding those extra pounds and hitting a healthy weight for your body. With so many diet programs, exercise programs, prescription diet pills, and weight loss procedures, there is sure to be something out there that you can try in order to get the results that you need to reduce your risk of cancer caused by obesity.


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