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These Scary Obesity Complications are All the Weight Loss Motivation You’ll Need

avoid obesity complications When you’re very overweight, you know that weight loss will involve some healthy lifestyle changes and considerable challenges. For that reason, a lot of motivation will be needed to help you to be able to create a strategy, stick to it and reach your goal. For many people, that motivation comes from learning about some of the obesity complications that can result from carrying a large amount of excess fat on the body.

Understanding obesity complications can help to give you an incentive to discover what has caused the weight gain in the first place. It can also encourage you to speak with your doctor about ways you can gradually adopt new, healthy lifestyle habits that will let you lose the weight and keep it off.

The following obesity complications can help to give you the drive you need to make the changes in your life that will bring your weight down to a healthy level.

Type 2 diabetes – this is a disease in which the blood sugar levels are too high. Without the disease, the body is able to use insulin to convert the blood sugar (glucose) into useable energy. However, diabetes stops the body from producing enough insulin. It is a very serious health condition that can lead to loss of digits, loss of limbs, blindness, kidney disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and early death.
Coronary heart disease – this occurs when plaque builds up in your arteries, making your heart have to work harder to pump blood throughout your body through the clogged arteries. It increase your risk of chest pains, heart attack and heart failure.
Stroke – if plaque builds up in your arteries, there is a chance that a piece of that built-up plaque can break away and lead to a blood clot. If that occurs near your brain, it can stop blood – and therefore oxygen – from reaching your brain, leading to a stroke. This risk is far greater if you are obese.
Cancer – the added inflammation caused by the excess fats on the body can increase your risk of a number of different types of cancer. These include breast, colon, gallbladder and endometrial, among others.

There are many other complications that can come with obesity. These are among the more common. If you are obese, speak with your doctor about how you can most successfully lose weight. Consider using PhenBlue to take advantage of its appetite suppressants, fat burners and energy boosters.


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