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Is It Safe to Take Multiple Types of Diet Pills At Once?

safety of taking multiple types of diet pillsWhen most of us want a result–it’s common to see people who will binge on the very thing that will give us that result. It means more is better and for some things this is true–but for others, it is not. Certainly not for diet pills–for these–less is more. There are inherent dangers in popping multiple types of diet pills and not only at the same time but anytime you are on any diet pill in the same week or month.

Why taking multiple types of diet pills is so dangerous:

Some feel that taking two or more diet pills is safe because the ingredients are roughly the same. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It not only doubles the harmful effects, it will turn relatively harmless side effects into a very dangerous side effect that could kill.

How does this happen?

Most diet pills on the market–though they may not all be prescription–have stimulants. The stimulant could be a heavy dose of caffeine and others could have hormone or nerve stimulants like for instance Kava,Kava. So, when you take two pills that don’t have the same ingredients it is still dangerous. For example, you have two pills that are almost identical–but–you see that one has that one stray ingredient that could be the trigger that reacts with the first pill. This is especially with–but not limited to the prescriptions. The seemingly “all natural” types are just as lethal taken in tandem with others.

What kind of side-effects are we looking at with multiple types of diet pills?

According to Mayo Clinic, OTC diet pills are not monitored as closely as prescribed drugs and this means that a lot of ingredients are being passed by. The types of side-effects we are talking about are heart issues and blood pressure that goes dangerously low or dangerously high. So heart attack, stroke or kidneys that shut down can be a very real issue.

Are there any pills more dangerous than others?

According to Forbes:

The Japanese weight loss pill: Raises risk for heart attack and stroke.

Clen Fat Burner: This is a pill that is used for respiratory disorder in horses.This should not go into a human body for any reason. It gained popularity for its illegal use by models and athletes because it acts as a steroid to quickly build muscle mass.

The Brazilian diet pill: This is a pill that contains antidepressants and other things that are meant to enhance mood more than anything else. However, this is not worth the use for weight loss because it will greatly affect your brain chemicals.

There is too long a list with ever changing warnings to list here but these are just the top most dangerous ones. But any diet pill you are taking with multiple types of diet pills is a potential danger that’s just not worth it.


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