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Meal Plans for Weight Loss with PhenBlue

meal plans for weight lossPhenBlue is an anorectic weight loss supplement. The ingredients it contains curb your appetite and minimize your craving for calorie-rich and generally unhealthy food items. However, this does mean you have to give up on junk food, sodas, alcohol and a number of other items that contain little to no nutritional value but only make weight loss difficult. This is why opting for meal plans for weight loss when using PhenBlue can be an effective strategy to achieve the best results. Instead of deciding in the spur of the moment what you will have for dinner or lunch, you should plan your meals in advance.

The key here is to break the routine and stop following the three meals a day you have been used to your whole life. Instead of three big meals, you should have six to seven smaller meals over the course of a day. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to fill up your plate every time you eat. In fact, you have to eat less but divide the number of calories you consume from morning to night into 6 or 7 meals. This is where sticking to effective meal plans for weight loss can help. In addition, you have to keep track of the number of calories you consume in a day. This will make it easier for you to lose weight.

For Men

According to a report published in Harvard Health, men have to consume at least 1,500 calories in a day. Keeping that as the benchmark, here are some meal plans you can follow when using PhenBlue:

1. Eat at least 1.75 cups of vegetables and 1.5 cups of fruits every day. You can substitute this with a cup of fruit or vegetable juice.
2. Consume at least 4.5oz of proteins, which you can get from one egg, ¼oz legumes or 2oz of chicken.
3. 5 ounces of grain is the minimal amount you should eat, which means either half a cup of boiled or cooked rice, or a slice of bread.
4. Add 2.75 cups of dairy to the mix, preferably in the form of cottage cheese.
5. You can divide these food items when planning your meals for a day. If you stick to these guidelines, you will consume only 1,500 calories in a day, which is ideal for weight loss.

For Women

Most women can get by on 1,200 calories a day without encountering any nutritional deficiencies. For the ladies, the best meal plans for weight loss include:

1. For breakfast, you can have 1 cup of dairy, half a cup of fruit, an ounce of grains, and 2 teaspoons of oils, e.g. a slice of whole-wheat bread, a cup of soy milk, half a cup of honeydew melon, and a tablespoon of peanut butter.
2. For lunch, you can go for 2 ounces of protein and an ounce of grain, for instance, half a cup of whole wheat pasta, half a cup of marinara sauce, and 2 ounces of lean ground turkey.
3. For dinner, the ideal meal plan is half a cup of vegetables, 2 ounces of grains, 2 ounces of proteins, and 2 teaspoons of oil. You can divide this into half a cup of cooked asparagus, 2 ounces of grilled chicken breast, half a tablespoon of olive oil, and a cup of brown rice.
4. These are the plans you can follow for the three main meals for a day. This still gives you room to have a couple of snacking sessions, but make sure you don’t consume more than 300 calories in each.

So, these are some of the meal plans for weight loss you can follow when using PhenBlue and achieve amazing results.


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