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How to Maintain a Healthy Weight at Any Age

Maintain a Healthy Weight at any ageThe challenge to maintain a healthy weight can seem to become greater as we age. After all, there are many things that change in our bodies that can make it easier to gain and harder to lose. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to give up and accept that it will be impossible to remain at a goal weight. That simply isn’t true.

The key is to know the right strategy to maintain a healthy weight no matter how old you may be. Value yourself enough to know that this is an important step in preventing a number of medical conditions. These include high blood pressure, breast and uterine cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and others. These are often preventable and are well worth avoiding.

One of the top ways to help you to maintain a healthy weight is simply to focus on your health. Don’t unbalance your diet or fall for gimmicks and promises of miracles. Make rational choices based on nutrition and fitness without aiming for any extremes in any direction.

The following are some great tips to help you to make sure the clothes that fit you now will still fit in a year or two, too.

  • Eat regularly – more meals are better than fewer meals when you choose the right foods. Five smaller meals per day can help your metabolism to keep running – instead of slowing down between larger and less frequent eating. The faster your metabolism, the more you’ll burn through calories.
  • Drink lots of water, but not at mealtime – between meals, drink lots of fluids, especially pure water. This will help to keep up your hydration, reduce your appetite and will promote better digestion. However, during your meals, keep drinking to a minimum and wait about thirty minutes before chugging down large amounts of liquid. This way, you won’t dilute gastric juices and will ensure the best function of your stomach.
  • Be active – this doesn’t mean going to the gym or getting into an actual exercise program. Those are great if there’s room in your schedule. If not, just stay active. Don’t sit all the time. Get up and move around and stretch. Take the stairs. Walk to the corner store instead of driving. You’ll feel better, look better and will burn through more fat and calories.
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