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Lose More Weight on a Treadmill with These Tips

Lose More Weight on a treadmillFor the majority of us, the treadmill is used more out of necessity than out of actual enjoyment. For that reason, the ability to lose more weight while on the treadmill can be an extremely attractive one. Fortunately, there are some great tips that you can follow that can help you to know that you’re getting the most out of every minute you’re sweating away on your gym equipment.

Use intervals
– if you really want to lose more weight then you need to do a lot more than stroll along for a half hour. Instead, shake things up. Alter between periods of running and periods of walking at a moderate speed. By doing this, you’ll build your endurance, you’ll burn more calories and you’ll even become a better runner. Intervals are proven to improve efficiency for calorie burning, fitness and even blasting away belly fat.

Gradually increase your speed – when you’re doing a workout on a regular basis, you won’t just lose more weight, but you’ll also improve your fitness level. As a workout starts becoming easier, try to boost your speed a little bit, to return the exercises to a challenging level. If you don’t keep things challenging, you’ll find that your results will rapidly slow to a stop.

Boost your time – just as increasing your speed can be important, so can increasing your time. After all, you will reach a point when you simply can’t go any faster but when you’ll still need to be able to keep things at a challenging level. You may have found 20 minutes of walking to be difficult when you first got started, but adding more minutes to your workout can help to make certain that you’ll be keeping your heart rate up for as long as you need to. By combining an increase in both time and speed, you should be able to keep your workout interesting and challenging.

Raise the incline – this is especially important when speed and time have already been increased. When your treadmill has an incline feature, take advantage of it. You may choose to raise the incline only during the periods of higher intensity, or you could keep it inclined throughout your entire workout.

Move your arms – the handles are there to help you to stay balanced and, when you need them, it is important to use them. However, as you build your walking ability, you should be able to balance without holding on. This will help you to burn more calories and tone your core but, by pumping your arms, you’ll also tone your shoulders, triceps and biceps.


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