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How Teachers Can Help Kids Maintain Healthy Weight

Help Kids Maintain Healthy Weight As educators of the future, you are responsible for teaching your students the things they need to know about living happy and healthy lives in the modern world. It takes a village to raise a child, and although many parents instill healthy eating habits at home, their good intentions can sometimes go out the window as soon as their children go off to school. With such an alarming obesity rate, caring teachers need to do what they can to continue the trend, finding ways to help kids maintain healthy weight through creative and effective methods.

Include Nutrition Facts in Everyday Lessons

Today’s children lack what yesterday’s kids had a lot of: access to honest information. Sure, they have the internet and television, but they are likely only to watch what interests them, and most of what they see is inaccurate to say the least. On top of that, most marketing that is focused on kids is promoting unhealthy items. As a concerned teacher who wants to help kids maintain healthy weight even after the bell rings, sprinkle a few interesting nutrition facts into your lesson plan each day. Before you know it, your kids will know a lot about the subject and not feel badgered about it, either.

Host Competitive and Educational Contests

If you really want to help kids maintain healthy weight while at school, you are going to have to start making them feel excited about eating a proper diet. There are a lot of activities in the classroom that foster healthy competition for the benefit of learning. Why not do the same with nutrition? For instance, if your student chooses the healthiest food option, then he or she could win a prize. You’d be surprised by how many of your kids want to participate in this.

Lead by Example

Everyone knows the value of being a good example, but it is especially important when you are a teacher. Telling your kids that they need to eat healthy is one thing, but allowing them to see you make poor diet choices while preaching such things is another. If you truly want to help kids maintain healthy weight, then you are going to have to start leading by example. Bring in a balanced and nutritious lunch, let them see you munching on healthy snacks, or bring something in for everyone to enjoy.

Our kids need to be guided. They need to be helped, and they have to be shown what to do sometimes. Being a teacher means you make it your job to be a good example and lead your students to the best information. A great place to begin is with their diet since, after all, we are what we eat.


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