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4 Healthiest Oils for Cooking

Healthiest Oils for cookingFor the longest time, we thought of even the healthiest oils as an enemy to dieting. Now, a massive amount of evidence is saying that as long as you choose the right oils in the right portions, they can actually accelerate weight loss.

When you choose the healthiest oils, you can make a considerable difference to your nutrition and your diet. A certain amount of fat is absolutely vital to a balanced diet. It plays a role in dozens of different functions within your body.

The key to choosing the healthiest oils is in knowing which ones are best for you and how to use them. After all, not all oils are created equal. Not only do they have different properties when used within your body, but they are also used differently in the kitchen. Consider the following options and the way you can include them in your own healthful diet.

Olive oil – good old olive oil is among the best oils you can choose for your health. It is full of phytochemicals and monosaturated fats. Its properties are so good for you that some believe it might be a part of effective cancer prevention. Extra virgin olive oil is best served raw. So mix it up as a part of salad dressings and use sparingly for an oil that not only tastes great but that will also boost the satisfaction you feel from your meal. Other grades of olive oil are better for cooking. Try to keep to a lower heat if possible and cook for the shortest time you can in order to minimize the breakdown the oil in your pan.

Canola oil – this is a relatively controversial cooking oil because of the high amount of GMO production in canola crops. However, when it comes down to it, this oil is fantastic for heat and flavor and is highly affordable. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Try to use this oil sparingly when cooking because it is packed with calories, but in terms of cooking with hot oil, this is a good option.

Coconut oil – considered to be bad for you for a long time, the understanding of this oil has been found to be exceptionally healthy after all. The virgin form of this oil has next to no coconut scent and is great for frying foods at a low heat. It is also great for baking at lower temperatures.

Avocado oil – this one can be harder for many people to find, outside of some health food stores. That said, it can be effective in raw foods for boosting satisfaction from your meal while lowering blood cholesterol levels and heart disease risk.

As with all oils, as good as they are for you, use them in moderation. If you’re still battling with your appetite, consider the appetite suppressants in TrimThin X700 to give you a hand.


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