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How Gyms are Using Sonograms to Inspire Weight Loss Goals

gyms are using sonograms to get fitWhen we think of an ultrasound we tend to think of this as a tool used at the doctor’s office. The use of this tool however is beginning to be used as a method to help people lose weight in a really revolutionary new way. This is a new concept and it’s sure to grow in popularity, and so understanding how gyms are using sonograms to help with weight loss is an important part of moving forward and embracing it. This is a noninvasive way to understand where your current starting point is, and ultimately what you need to work towards for ideal weight loss.

It’s important to understand that this type of technology for this particular use is new and is only being used in certain areas. High end gyms in New York City are utilizing a sonogram or ultrasound to help an individual understand their overall body composition. Just as it would be helpful in seeing a baby in a doctor’s office, the reason that gyms are using sonograms is that it may also be helpful in detecting fat distributed throughout the body.

So how does it work? How can we expect to see this technology utilized as a way of helping with weight loss overall?

  • The sonogram is used to measure fat in four different areas of the body including the triceps, hips, waist, and thigh
  • The thickness or fat can be detected as the sound bouncing off of these areas, thus giving a detailed measurement
  • The sound that bounces off of this fat can help to provide an accurate measurement of the composition and overall fat in the body
  • The measurement provided may be more accurate than the traditional Body Mass Index (BMI) or simple measurements

It’s important to remember that though gyms are using sonograms to help measure fat, the accuracy is up to the operator gathering the measurements. Not only that but this is a new form of technology for this application, and there is an additional cost to the individual who wishes to have such measurements taken, usually about $50. This may help an individual to get a thorough view of what their body fat composition currently is, and then use this information to help set goals for long term weight loss.

This can also help in creating a fitness plan and diet that will help the individual reach such goals. So though this is a new application, gyms are using sonograms and getting some really positive feedback overall. If this is a way of helping people to see their current state and know what to work towards, then its beneficial and successful. This is yet one more way to help people to lose the weight and keep it off for the long term, and that’s of course a wonderful thing.


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