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For people whose health and weight needs are not suited to a prescription medication like Phentermine or Adipex, there are diet pills that you can get without a prescription. Instead, you can purchase them over the counter, so you can still get the support that you need when you want to slim down.

FENFAST® 375 tablets are one of the best options when you are not the right type of patient for a diet pill like Phentermine 37.5mg, the prescription drug that is among the most used in the United States.

To learn more about FENFAST 375, which you can purchase over the counter on the internet, continue reading to discover some helpful information about how it works.

A Bit of Background on Phentermine and Adipex

Phentermine 37.5mg is the generic form of the brand name prescription diet pill known as Adipex. Both of these have been around for a long time, and have assisted millions of obese dieters who needed to achieve greater health through weight loss.

Phentermine and Adipex use is combined with a balanced, reduced calorie diet, and an increased daily activity level. What makes these work as well as they do is that they provide a suppressing effect to the appetite and they increase a user’s energy levels. Clearly, this does not cause weight loss all on its own, but it does promote faster weight loss by making it easier to eat less without suffering from hunger, and the pills help people exercise more without becoming fatigued.

Many People Hope to Achieve Amazing Phentermine and Adipex Results

One of the main reasons why so many people want to take a prescription diet pill like Phentermine or Adipex is because they have read about the Adipex results that are possible.

According to Livestrong, when you take Phentermine as directed, and when you also follow a low-calorie diet, you might be able to shed anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds per month. If you’re a woman, you might lose anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds, on average, but if you are a man, it might be as much as 5 to 8 pounds, on average.

Why FENFAST 375 Is So Popular

The reason that this non-prescription diet pill has become as frequently used as it has is because the prescription drug is meant as an obesity treatment. FENFAST 375, on the other hand, helps people who are overweight – that is, with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 –  to more comfortably and successfully stick to the healthy lifestyle habits required for weight control. So, if you are not obese, but are seeking weight loss support, then you will benefit from learning about the assistance FENFAST can bring.

Dieters would choose FENFAST 375 to help with their weight management because the benefits of that pill are meant for their specific needs.  All too many people don’t realize the disadvantages to trying to obtain Phentermine. That drug may be effective, but it is not meant for casual weight loss.  It is an obesity treatment that has helpful effects but is also linked with the risk of strong side effects, addiction and withdrawal symptoms.  It is not prescribed to people who are not obese and whose health is not at risk by that extra weight. Seeking effects like Phentermine when you do not have that condition means that you are chasing a treatment for the wrong disease.

How FENFAST 375 Can Help

  •   –  FENFAST 375 is specifically made with clinically researched ingredients.
  •   –  It is meant for people who are overweight and who want to prevent becoming obese by following a healthy diet and exercise strategy.  While that type of lifestyle change could be difficult unassisted, this diet pill’s benefits help dieters to quickly overcome some of their top weight loss challenges.  All within an easy to swallow tablet.
  •   –  You’ll also discover that FENFAST is far easier to purchase online as you do not need to continually return to the physician’s office in order to request a refill prescription.  That said, consulting with your physician before major changes to your diet or fitness habits or before taking any diet pill are always recommended regardless of whether or not it is a prescription drug. Consider talking to your doctor about your weight loss strategy, including this pill, before getting started.
  •   –  Of course, the benefits don’t stop there. FENFAST 375 tablets also go on to provide an additional energy boost to be sure your body is primed and ready for you to get the most out of every effort you make. When this is combined with  calorie controlled eating and cardio workouts, your dieting can move ahead better than it ever has before.


When you consider all of these elements – and the boost in confidence you can feel in knowing that you’ve made the right choice by using FENFAST 375 – it is easy to see why this is one of the best ways to get weight loss support.

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 13 reviews


I working out and taking tis diet pill and I loss 5 #s in 3 weeks. I guess this is ok 4 me.

by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

takes away your appetite and doesn't make you feel "spacey." i lost 11 lbs in two weeks.

by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

posative effects:
Lost 3 lbs after the first day, curbs appetite, drinking a lot of water, more energy, need less sleep
little jittery, dry mouth, constipated

by anonymous on Phentermine Diet Pills

Taking this in the late afternoon has eliminated my night time and infront of TV snacking. I eat three small meals a day and that is it and I am losing an average of 3 lbs a week.

This gives me a good buz and makes me want to work out. Also takes away my hunger. Great for when you are wanting to lose weight and not eat.

by keepin on on Phentermine Diet Pills

8 pounds lost in three weeks. less thant what I expected. If I had stuck to my diet, I would have lost even more. I still believe in this pill and will keep taking it.

Fenfast has taken away all my interest in eating. I have a bit of a dry mouth, but no jitters or shakes. In addition to taking away my appetite, I find my mental focus has improved. The lbs are melting away with practically no exercise. I have lost 25 lbs in two months and can't wait to lose the next 25. I feel the best I have felt in years.

by Jien-an C on Phentermine Diet Pills

FenFast is the best diet helper ever made! It helps with everything (except making your meals for you ha ha ha). If you are on a low calorie diet like me, then it makes that easier because of the smaller hunger you have. If you’d usually be starving because of a smaller meal, with FenFast, you wonder if you can even finish it because you’re so full. If you usually feel too tired and beat to exercise, you’ll be energized and ready to go when you take this pill. It’s seriously amazing the difference it makes. You do have to make changes, but they’re not hard with FenFast.

My weight at the start was 223. Over 4 months I lost a lot of weight (60lbs) while taking Fenfast. I took a break for a month, and will be starting a second series for another 2 months or so. Whilst the pills are working, my doctor keeps instilling me that it is a lifestyle change that I have to make and keep. Forever. I have to look at food in a new way, incorporate daily exercise, and stay away from activities that would trigger my eating in the past. It's a challenge every day, but getting this much weight off has given me huge incentive to keep it up.

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FENFAST 375 Phentermine 37.5 Replacement


Phentermine 37.5mg is one of the most commonly used prescription drugs for assisting in the weight loss process. Though it has helped millions of people to reduce their fat levels from having been obese to achieving a much healthier body at a lower risk of weight-related medical conditions, it is not a drug that is appropriate for everybody. For individuals who are seeking a way to support their healthy weight management without using an obesity treatment medication, the FENFAST 375 tablet has become a top choice.

There are many reasons that individuals may choose FENFAST® when they cannot use Phentermine. First and foremost is the fact that the prescription drug can only be obtained through a licensed doctor as an obesity treatment. Physicians can prescribe the medication only to patients who are obese and who are at an increased risk of certain health conditions – such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or Type II diabetes.

Furthermore, this prescription medication is known to conflict with certain health conditions – such as hypertension and others – and interacts with certain other medicines – for example, some antidepressants – in a way that would make it dangerous for use by some individuals. Clearly, this is not a drug that is appropriate for all dieters. Overweight individuals who cannot take the drug but who need assistance in losing weight often choose FENFAST 375 in order to obtain the energy and other support benefits they want in a formula far more suited to their weight management needs and expectations.

Among those who can obtain a Phentermine prescription from their doctors, many are still choosing FENFAST tablets.  The energy they obtain through this formula can make all the difference in keeping up with a new eating strategy even within a busy lifestyle.  Moreover, it can boost performance during any workout, making sure you’ll get the most fat burning and lean muscle mass support your exercises can allow.  Don’t under-use another minute at the gym.  Get the focus and drive you need to complete each workout at its best.

This diet pill was developed using only premium clinically researched ingredients.  Expect only the best proprietary formula within each American-manufactured FENFAST 375 tablet.  These pills are manufactured in cGMP facilities to ensure compliance with the highest level of quality and production safety standards.

Former Phentermine users are buying FENFAST® 375 and are leaving rave reviews for the support they receive as they continue their weight loss! You, too, can be successful in your weight management.  Order yours today.