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Common Phentermine Drug Interactions

drug interactions for phentermineWhenever you engage in any diet pill regimen, you should have as many facts about the drug as you can. This includes with your body chemistry and any other drugs you may be taking. This is important for herbal remedies as well. Any chemical whether it is a phytochemical or a pharmaceutical can have interactions with each other and with other drugs. Here we will list some of the more common Phentermine drug interactions.

What drugs interact with Phentermine?

The majority of drugs that may interact with Phentermine are the ones you may recognize as being very popular. These are drugs used to cure insomnia and depression and since a large majority of the population takes these drugs regularly–it is best to know what drug interactions they have so you can continue to take Phentermine safely.

Cymbalta: The effects of Phentermine with Cymbalta are very obvious. Cymbalta will magnify the effects of Phentermine such as jittery, nervous and anxious behavior. Racing thoughts and restlessness is also reported.

Effexor: This has a lot of the same effects as the above Cymbalta but can cause serotonin syndrome which can be quite serious. The symptoms can include but are not limited to hallucinations, confusion, extreme changes in blood pressure and seizures as well as excessive sweating, blurred vision, shaking, shivering, spasms, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Lexapro: This product also has the same side effects of Effexor and include but are not limited to–shaking , shivering, extreme blood pressure changes as well as excessive sweating, vomiting with cramps and diarrhea.

Prozac: This drug also has the same interactions with that of the aforementioned but will also include rapid heartbeat, tremor, and incoordination.

Zoloft: This drug also has the same interactions as the aforementioned. The most important thing with this one is effect on the blood pressure and cardiovascular system. Remember that Zoloft is for depression so it is already changing a lot of your body chemistry already and the interactions are strong.

Most of the drugs mentioned here are common and have common ingredients found in hundreds of other medications so–the best thing to do before taking Phentermine is to consult your physician. You may have to discontinue taking one of the medications in order to continue on Phentermine or you may have to try Phentramin-D which is the non-prescription diet pill without side effects. However, that does not mean it won’t have drug interactions. Your doctor will be able to advise you on that.


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