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Dieting New Year’s Resolutions You Should Never Make

Dieting New Year’s Resolutions Never MakeWhenever we decide on dieting New Year’s resolutions, we tend to get so excited that we dive into things that are simply no good for us. This means crash diets and activities that are just not going to keep the weight off and that will actually harm you health-wise.

Dieting New Year’s Resolutions You Should Never Make

Crash diets

A crash diet simply means this. You are starving your body of the nutrients it needs to live and be well. It also impedes your body’s ability to lose weight and keep it off which is the goal in the first place. What happen is that your body goes into an emergency starvation mode. After you are done losing a bunch of weight–guess what? You put it back on and then some.

Liquid diet

A liquid diet is just as bad–if not worse than the crash variety. This does not allow your body to absorb a lot of the nutrients that you need. This means you are not getting what you need to support your organs either. So, passing out is a very real risk on these diets and coupled with diet pills and no food will land you in the hospital. So, we hope you bypass this immediately.

Eating one meal a day

This will also do the same for the starvation feeling and although it is not an official diet–it is still a way of eating that should be avoided.

What all these diets and ways of eating have in common–is that while they have quick weight loss elements to it–it’s a losing battle because you will only gain it back straight away after and will have a lot less energy and maybe some health issues. Do you really need this? In the time it took you to go on this diet–it would have taken you just as long to just do it right.

What you should be doing to improve your eating habits for weight loss

  • Eating several small healthy meals a day is what you should be doing. This boosts metabolism, as well as energy and health.
  • Don’t skip meals.
  • You should be drinking plenty of clean water.
  • While you may be restricting calories, make sure it is in the right proportion and you are eating the right foods. Fruit and veggies should be on top of that list and you need to limit your protein to only 4 oz of lean protein like organic chicken or fish.
  • You should incorporate superfoods, such as acai berry, blueberry, and other red and blue berries. Green leafy veggies like kale and spinach are also great.
  • Find organic chia seeds and hemp powder if you can as well.

Dieting New Year’s Resolutions: How to Do It Right 

Now that we have covered dieting New Year’s resolutions that you should never make because they will end up backfiring on you, let’s discuss some of the strategies that you can implement in order to boost the odds that you will be successful, shall we?

According to Daily Mail, there are several ways that you can improve the way that you eat without actually making dieting New Year’s resolutions. In other words, you can improve your weight and health in the new year, without having to resort to using restrictive diets that are hard to follow, and that often lead to failure. Instead, you can do the following:

  • Implement a dieting New Year’s resolution that includes simply cooking the majority of your meals at home, rather than going out to restaurants often or getting takeout on a regular basis. That way, you can experiment with a variety of new recipes, ingredients, and flavors to keep things exciting and interesting. You might be surprised by new foods and meals that you end up loving that you have never tried before. And, by cooking at home, you will be in complete control over the ingredients, so if you want to eat organic, reduce your sodium intake, or anything in between, go for it!
  • Exercising is a necessary component to a healthy lifestyle, so you need to go beyond dieting New Year’s resolutions if your true intentions are to improve not just the size of your clothes, but also the health of your entire body. However, rather than forcing yourself to work through really intense workouts and strict exercise schedules, give yourself a little more flexibility. Try new workouts regularly to keep things fun while also keeping your motivation high. Remember, variety is the spice of life, not only when it comes to eating right, but also when it comes to staying active!

Ready to Start Your Dieting New Year’s Resolutions?

These are some dieting New Year’s resolutions you should never make. Be sure to follow the safe and proven way to lose weight instead. With the right plan in place, you can work with your body, rather than against it, to achieve your slim-down goals in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. If, however, you are really struggling, consider looking into weight management supplements that you can purchase over the counter.

Those products can help support your efforts. Or, you can even consult with your doctor to figure out why you have been struggling so much to lose weight, despite all of your best efforts. Getting answers from a medical professional can certainly shed light on how you can make your dieting New Year’s resolutions achievable.


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