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Why You Shouldn’t Combine Diet Pills and Caffeine

never combine Diet Pills and CaffeineDiet pills have a reputation for having a ton of stimulants which is the core reason why you shouldn’t combine diet pills and caffeine. The ramifications are a bit more than that and there are hidden ways you could be doing this and making side-effects worse or making them appear where there are none.

Why is combining diet pills and caffeine so dangerous? 

You may be thinking, aren’t diet pills laced with caffeine anyway? The answer is yes.

But it isn’t in the amount that it states on the bottle always. It may say the amount of “caffeine” but there are other ingredients that are in the pills that will hike the count even further. This could be in the form of green tea or Yerba mate or cocoa plants–nearly all the natural stimulants either contain caffeine already or they have an additional stimulant in them that can’t be measured.

You should be especially aware of this when a diet pill states it is a proprietary formula. This means they don’t have to disclose how much of each ingredient is in a specific “blend” of their own.

Why are so many stimulants in diet pills anyway?

Stimulants claim to be used for a variety of things. The first thing is energy so you can withstand your workouts better. The other things they do is keep you from having that afternoon energy crash and they are said to boost metabolism.

However, in doing this–you have the heart rate being raised or becoming erratic and blood pressure being raised as well as all your organs that regulate body temperature and blood glucose {sugar level} working over time.

The best thing to do before taking any diet pill in general is to go get a quick physical and and let the physician know what you are considering to take.They should tell you fairly quickly why you should not combine diet pills and caffeine. They will also recommend the safest ones to take according to your physical standing.

Best way to choose a diet pill?

We all have habits and caffeine addiction is one of the most common. It can be bad enough that we are asked to cut out certain foods we love that it can be going a bit over the top to stop the caffeine. So, researching the pill with the least stimulant is helpful. Ask the doctor or pharmacist first what you should do if you want to continue to drink coffee and remember one major thing.

When you are looking to not combine diet pills and caffeine–the work natural on the bottle means nothing.


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