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Ayurvedic Supplements to Support Weight Loss Efforts

Ayurvedic weight loss supplementsIf you’ve been researching weight loss strategies and supplements, you may have stumbled upon mentions or ads for ayurvedic supplements along the way. In fact, you may have done so without even knowing it. While some of these products advertise that they are compatible with this centuries-old mindset, others don’t happen to say anything despite the fact that they align with that perspective quite well.

The whole idea behind using ayurvedic supplements for weight loss has to do with being able to use capsules or tablets to help you to shed the pounds while adhering to the tenets of Ayurveda. The approach itself is quite simple and straightforward and many people find that it is far more practical and achievable than the types of complex programs that have been developed more recently.

If you’re thinking of trying ayurvedic supplements as a part of your weight loss strategy, have a look at the perspective and whether it will suit your needs and expectations.

To start, you should know that if you are overweight, then in the eyes of Ayurveda, you have a kapha dosha excess. Kapha may represent only one of several challenges you’ve faced which has led to your weight gain, but no matter what, it is a central player. The balance between being overweight and excess kapha is a slick one, as being overweight can provoke more kapha in the body and having too much kapha in the body can lead to more weight gain.

In order to overcome this, you need to create a balance. This requires you to take on an opposite strategy to kapha. Kapha is described as soft, smooth, oily, cool, heavy, slow, stable and dense, among other things. Therefore, to bring on a balance, you need to focus on an opposite influence, such as hot, sharp, light, mobile, rough, subtle and liquid.

A supplement that is meant to achieve this balance will embrace those influences within its formula.

The key is to focus on achieving this balance over the longer term. Therefore, while you may want to use a few supplements to help get you balanced at the start, you will also need to commit to:

• Practicing 15 minutes of yoga each morning
• Following a diet that pacifies kapha
• Eating three meals per day, each of which are satisfying
• Exercising a bare minimum of 3 days each week
• Building a daily routine of habits that will support maintaining each of these commitments as well as the others for which you are regularly responsible.


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