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Antidepressants and Phentermine Drug Interactions

Combining Antidepressants and PhentermineAny time we diet and use diet pills we have to take note of the drug interactions with drugs that we normally take everyday. Antidepressants and Phentermine are a good example of what we mean. It is a bad mix simply because diet pills are made to do certain things in the body and so are the antidepressants. So there is a natural clash that could–depending on the case, be uncomfortable, harmful or fatal. Here we will discuss how it is that you are supposed to take these things and how it is that you can avoid a serious issue.

First, lets look at one more important thing that is happening with pills right now. There are a lot of imposters floating around on the market which can be unreliable. This causes an issue because when you purchase a bottled pill they may not have the right ingredients listing and may cause an issue. So, that is a bad circumstance. It is best to be sure that you are getting the right pills and the right ingredients when you are mixing pills. That way you know for sure that you aren’t mixing Antidepressants and Phentermine.

You also have to understand what the side effects with each drug is so you can make sure it is not an interaction. Phentermine is a drug that causes dizziness, dry mouth and low blood pressure. This is troublesome enough without the interaction of an antidepressant. When you mix antidepressants and Phentermine then you will cause an issue with the side effects of both.

Antidepressants and Phentermine:

When you are taking Phentermine it is out of the question for you to take an antidepressant as well as insulin or any blood pressure medication. This is because the side effects for antidepressants are very similar to the side effects of Phentermine. It can make your blood pressure go way too low and blood sugar unstabilized. It is a hospital job for sure if not worse. Remember that it is not just taking pills here- it is mixing chemicals into a cocktail and throwing it into your body and seriously disrupting your hormones and body systems.


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