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Alternatives to Phentermine Products

alternatives to phentermine diet pillsDieting is an overwhelming road when you are dealing with choosing a diet pill. Some are over the counter and some are prescribed. Not knowing which one to choose can drive you crazy and can even be discouraging. It helps to learn the difference between some of the top brands so you can make a more educated choice. One of the top brands is Phentermine. This is a prescription drug which is prescribed to people that are normally clinically obese. If you aren’t, then getting a prescription diet pill is not the best idea and alternatives to Phentermine might be a better option. There are several reasons why.

First, when you don’t choose alternatives to Phentermine and instead opt for the prescription, you have to have a physical. This means if your insurance doesn’t cover it, you are paying out of pocket for a physical. That really doesn’t seem worth it. Then you are prescribed the pill for only a certain amount of time. You will most probably have side effects and some of them are not very pleasant. You can experience dizziness, nausea, panic like attacks, raised heart rate and elevated blood pressure. This is also hardly worth it. If you don’t have at least 60 to 100 pounds to lose for health reasons then you shouldn’t be on any prescription diet pill and if you can’t afford to be monitored by a doctor, you shouldn’t bother.

There is hope however–there are diet pills that give you the same effect that are safe and over the counter. These are the alternatives to Phentermine. So why do they bother to make a prescription diet pill if you can just as easily buy one over the counter and get the same result? Well that it simple. The prescription pill is supercharged to give you a result in record time–but again–it comes with an inherent risk to your health and well being. If you are obese and risk health wise then you can take the prescription in this emergency situation. However, if you have less weight to lose and you are a healthy person–you should get Fenfast375 or Phenblue. These are two different pills that will give you the same result as the Phentermine prescription pill. These will not have many if any side effects at all. Most people have not reported any.


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