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What You Should Know Before Starting the 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Why take the 30 Day Yoga ChallengeThe 30 Day Yoga Challenge is more popular than it has ever been and thousands of people decide to give it a whirl, every day. However, just because all those people are embarking on this endeavor, it doesn’t mean that they’re actually reaching their goal. Moreover, it also doesn’t mean it’s necessarily what they had expected.

When it comes to the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, it’s not just a matter of getting up in the morning, doing a couple of special poses, feeling miraculously wonderful and going about your day with better clarity and flexibility than ever before. Yes, it can be an extremely positive experience. It can be energizing, de-stressing, great for anxiety, heart health, breathing, and alertness. It can also help to improve sleep at night.

However, the 30 Day Yoga Challenge can also come with a surprising number of other experiences that many people would have loved to know before they began. If you’re considering giving this challenge a try, then you may be grateful that you found this list before starting. This list isn’t meant to deter you. Instead, it’s meant to inform you so you won’t be taken off guard or put off by some of the more surprising sides of yoga that don’t always make it into the brochures for the classes.

Consider the following, so you’ll be better prepared for the next month, if this challenge is right for you:

No two classes are the same. While some will be fantastic, leaving you feeling wonderful, others will be the exact opposite. You’ll be able to do some postures quite easily and you’ll be able to feel your progress over time. Other postures can feel as though they’re impossible and that you’ll never get them. All you can do is try your best and have realistic expectations for what a class can provide.

You might start off bored, but you’ll suddenly “get it”. Once you learn the routine, it’s easy to think that you’re going to become frustrated with having to repeat it every day for a month. However, it won’t take long for you to suddenly look forward to the routine and enjoying your time as you complete it.

You will never reach the point that you’ll be perfect at it. No matter how long you continue your routine – for thirty days or ten years – there will always be ways to improve it and make it better for you and what you want to achieve. You will always be able to improve the way you complete each posture and benefit from it.

There will be times when you think you’re insane for doing it and you’ll wish it was over. When you reach that point, you’re likely on the cusp of something great. Just keep going. Something wonderful will happen.


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