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Workouts You Can Do While Watching TV

best workouts while watching tv

Who doesn’t love relaxing in front of the TV, watching their favorite shows and movies? Unfortunately, too much TV time might mean that you aren’t getting enough workout time in, and that could add up to you gaining weight and putting your health at risk. But did you know that you could exercise while you watch TV? That’s right, by performing the simple exercises below, you could make your TV time even more productive.

Get Up and Do Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks during a commercial break? Why not!? You might be surprised by how quickly your heart rate increases when you do jumping jacks for even just a minute. In fact, just a minute of this exercise could burn eight calories, so trying to get through an entire commercial break without stopping is a great way to challenge your muscles and your endurance.

Chair Dips? You’ve Got the Couch Ready!

Sit at the end of your couch and plant your hands at your sides, fingers pointing forward so that they are hanging off the edge. Then scoot your butt off the sofa and start doing a few chair dips while you watch your favorite show. If you want a sturdier base, bring in a harder chair that you could use. You’ll be working your triceps while following the storyline at the same time. Not bad!

Plank: All You Need Is the Floor

How long can you hold plank on your forearms? If you can hold it for 60 seconds, you’re in pretty good shape! And if you can’t, you could certainly work your way towards that goal by doing plank during a commercial break while you are watching TV.

Crunches and Pushups and Lunges, Oh My!

Like plank, you don’t need any equipment to do other bodyweight workouts like crunches for your abs, lunges for your lower body, and pushups for your upper body. During one commercial break, see how many lunges you can do. During the next break, get down and do some pushups. And during a third break, do some crunches.


Don’t forget the importance of stretching your muscles. So while you are watching TV, you could stand up and extend your arms above your head to stretch your body straight up before leaning to one side and then the other to stretch the sides of the body. Next, you could reach down and touch your toes, and you could even do some floor stretches to get into the hips and hamstrings.

If you start exercising during every commercial break of an hour-long TV show, you’ll get a pretty good workout in for the day. And the more you do this, the stronger you’ll become.

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