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The Best Types of Wine to Burn Fat

drinking wine to burn fatEveryone loves to talk about the maxim “wine is good for your heart.” Drinkers like to boast about it, and now, to their delight, a research study has proven that a glass of wine can help you burn fat. Since obesity is a common problem and nearly half of the world’s population is affected by it, we all are secretly seeking such pleasurable solutions. After all, what could be better than drinking a glass of wine to burn fat?

A study by the Oregon State University published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry states that intake of grape nectar in the form of wine is ideal for burning fats since it repress the already existing fats cells and hinders their growth, stopping the accumulation of fat in the body. There is a specific chemical compound found in grapes, called ellagic acid, that metabolizes carbohydrates and fat quickly. This compound in grape wine is dormant and works more effectively.

An experiment was conducted using mice that were fed with food rich in fat and, over time, developed fatty liver and diabetic symptoms. The mice were a perfect model of a person who snacks too much, the research head Dr. Neil Shay explains. Furthermore, later on, when they were fed grape extracts over a period of 10 weeks along with the same high-fat diet, they showed improved health. After tests, they had lower blood sugar and there was a decrease in the level of fat in their liver.

This shows drinking wine can be a perfect way to burn fat for humans as well. Consuming two glasses of wine in a day is something not many people will complain about; hence, it is likely to gain wide acceptance. It can help reduce the fat in a short time period without any extra effort. Resveratrol, a by-product obtained from the winemaking process, is also beneficial in regulating the fat-burning and lipolytic activity that eliminates excess weight in the body.

So you may wonder: What are the best types of wine to burn fat? The lab experiment used dark-colored grape extracts, mostly found in red wine, to be more potent than those in other types of wine, such as white grape. Red wine gets it color from the component called polyphenols. Polyphenols work in favor of your overall health as well as hold the potential to keep you leaner and slimmer.

In conclusion, it can be said that the best type of wine to burn fat is red wine. This variety includes syrah, cabernet, and zinfandel. Whichever pleases your taste buds is definitely the one you should choose in order to enjoy the experience of losing weight.


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