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Weight Loss Tips That Don’t Work

weight loss tips that don't workThere is no such thing as “one size fits all” for diets or weight loss plans that can help you be successful. You will find that certain elements of one plan may work well for you, but then when you try something else it always falls short. Though you may want to use some of the most celebrated weight loss tips out there, you will find out quickly that some are simply flawed for anyone that wants to try them. There’s a reason that they don’t work, and that’s because they are not setting you up for success from the very start.

Though a healthy foundation is always the way to go, we tend to be drawn to the tips and plans that sound easy or as if they will work quickly. It’s human nature that when we want to lose weight, we want to get it done with very little effort—but that isn’t the way to go. You do have to put forth the effort, though you do need to balance yourself out to enjoy long term results. It’s often hard to see through the clutter, but if you can focus on a good healthy foundation then you can’t go wrong.

Though you might think that these weight loss tips will help you get to where you want to be, they may actually hurt your progress. If you find yourself at a plateau or if you find that you simply can’t take off the weight no matter how hard you try, then take a look at these tips and see if perhaps you are making one of these mistakes. Seeing that these aren’t the way to go will help you focus on all the right things for a positive change.

Skip breakfast and really limit what you eat throughout the day:

This is not going to help you and may actually hurt you. Many of us are told that to lose weight we have to skip breakfast to get a head start on calorie cutting, but that’s not true. Sure, you may need to look at your portions and adjust a bit, but limiting yourself too much can work against you. More than likely you won’t stick with the plan and you will end up cheating and ultimately eating more than you would have in the first place. Forget about the diets that tell you to cut everything out, just use good common sense and portion control instead.

Deprive yourself or drastically cut your calories:

Deprivation in any form is one of those weight loss tips that you absolutely want to avoid. If you are asked to cut calories to an unhealthy level or cut your overall food intake to almost nothing, then stop what you’re doing immediately. Deprivation will only make you hungry and feel bitter, and you will eat whatever you can get your hands on. This also makes for a very unhealthy tip and so you need to identify it and stay away from it always!

Work out to excess or multiple times per day:

Yes working out is great and you do need it to ensure that you lose weight, but only to a certain point. If any plan is telling you to work out excessively or overdo it or push beyond your level, it’s setting you up for failure. Not only is it impossible to keep up with that for the long-term, but you are also running a great risk of injury, neither of which are an ideal situation. So find a good fitness regimen and stick with it; that’s how it should be!

Cut out all carbohydrates or focus only on one food group or food each day: Any of the fads or trends or weight loss tips out there that tell you that carbs are the enemy or that you should eat nothing but grapefruit are full of flaws. Don’t fall into this trap, for you will end up eating only a few foods and this won’t sustain you in the long-term. Replace this thinking with good healthy habits that promote a proper foundation, and you will lose the weight and keep it off!


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