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Top Weight Loss Foods to Enjoy This Summer

summer weight loss foodsIf you think weight loss can only be achieved by starving yourself for long hours and engaging in extensive workouts, you need to change your approach. Now you no longer have to go through a boring routine to shed the pounds. You can enjoy your workout while maintaining the consistency of your weight loss regime without compromising on your favorite foods.

You can get a summer beach body without following any wacky fad diet. This is because a better approach to weight loss involves eating scrumptious foods that are not only dense in nutrients but also offers an amazing taste. So, why should you stick to the traditional weight loss diet plans which only allow you to eat foods that taste bland? With the following weight loss foods that are light, refreshing, and loaded with nutrients, you can maximize the summer fun while losing some extra pounds:

Chilled Soups
Cold or chilled soups are among the favorite dishes of many when it comes to following a low-calorie diet. You can make soups with a whole variety of green vegetables, such as the gazpacho and cucumber-dill soup. The more vegetables you add, the more delicious and nutritious your soup will be. It is a great option for lunch as it makes you feel satisfied without being too heavy on your stomach. It is also backed by research that illustrates if you consume a bowl of low-calorie broth soup, you are less likely to eat more the rest of the day. Chilled soup in summer is the best choice for a light meal.

As summer begins, you must stock a few watermelons in your fridge. It is one of the best weight loss foods as this juicy and pulpy fruit offers numerous weight loss and health benefits. Experts state watermelon is essential for skin and kidneys in summer, primarily because it enhances hydration. It satisfies both your thirst and your craving for something smooth.

Grilled Veggies & Salad
Grilled veggies over boiled ones are far more delicious and effective for weight loss. A medical expert, Dawn Jackson Blatner, in a research journal stated that grilled veggies are a must for a healthy summer, especially if you are planning to lose weight. You can make several dishes from grilled veggies or eat them as a salad. Some nutritious foods which are great for combating the summer heat include zucchini, asparagus, bell peppers, eggplant, and ginger. You can also grill seasonal vegetables. In addition to the veggies, you can add fruits like raspberries, blackcurrant and strawberries to your salads in the summer.

The weight loss foods mentioned above have a high nutritional value while trimming down the calorie count. Health experts and nutritionists state that the simplest way to cut fat from your body is to feast on natural delights. In summer, when you are not in the mood to eat heavy foods, you can easily lose weight by making the right food choices. Fill your plate with these foods and see how your body transforms magically.


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