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What It’s Like Taking Cardio Kickboxing Classes

taking cardio kickboxing classesThere are plenty of great reasons for taking cardio kickboxing classes, even if you have never participated in one before. Put simply, this workout will combine a fast-paced cardio routine with movements that are found in various martial arts schools. You will get your energy and heart rate up, you will start building stamina and coordination, and you will burn loads of calories while building muscle. And you don’t even need to actually punch anything, as you can go through the punching and kicking motions without hitting a heavy bag and still derive amazing benefits.

You Will Work Your Upper and Lower Body

When taking cardio kickboxing classes, you should expect to move through a variety of motions that are designed to get your body moving and flexible. You will work on upper body muscles by doing uppercuts, hooks, crosses, and jabs, but you will also work on your lower body with the help of front kicks, back kicks, side kicks, knee strikes, and roundhouse kicks. Every routine could be different, too, to keep your muscles guessing.

You Will Have a Warm-Up and a Cool Down

The best cardio kickboxing classes won’t throw you right into the routine. Instead, they will give you a few minutes to warm up and prepare your body for what is ahead. Then, at the end of the workout, you will also enjoy the benefits of stretching out and cooling down so that your body can begin to recover.

You Don’t Need Special Equipment

Another great thing about cardio kickboxing classes is the fact that you just need your body—and a good pair of supportive sneakers, of course. You don’t need to lift weights, you don’t need to use a stationary bike or a treadmill, and you can slow down your pace and walk in place if any of the routines get too intense. If you do want to add in the use of a heavy bag, though, there are classes that will allow you to do that as well when you are ready to up the intensity.

You Will Have Fun and You Will Sweat

Cardio kickboxing classes are a lot of fun, which is why they are so popular. They get you moving in a new way, performing motions that you don’t normally move through, and helping you release stress in the process. The instructor will be enthusiastic, too, so you will be motivated to get up and get moving. And as you sweat, you will be eliminating unwanted fat and calories so you can slim down.

If you have ever considered taking cardio kickboxing classes, don’t hesitate. Once you take your first class, you will quickly realize why these workouts are so popular.


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