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Exercises That Promote a Stronger Spine

stronger spine exercises Many people experience chronic back pain that grows more painful whenever they have a hectic day. Colder days are no friend of these people. They continue living with this unbearable pain, popping pills without ever coming across a real solution. However, a simple but powerful solution to get rid of chronic aches is to strengthen the spine. By strengthening muscles in your back and the muscles that help support your spinal cord, you can permanently get rid of aches and pains.

Developing a stronger spine and back can help you improve your quality of life. This is more important today than ever as many people lead a sedentary life in front of computers. Soreness in the spine can spread to the legs if it is not taken care of in time. Here are some exercises that can help strengthen your spine so you can live an ache-free life:


This is one of the most effective exercises for a stronger spine. It also strengthens your core muscles at the same time. Get into the pushup position by lying down on your stomach and then lifting yourself on your toes and your forearms. Stay in this position for one minute. In the first few attempts, you might not be able to stay in the plank for long. However, practice it daily until you can hold it for up to a minute.

The Bridge

This is the best exercise to relax your spine and de-stress it from hours of sitting. It strengthens the back muscles and the core as well as the hip muscles. Start by lying on your back and placing your feet hip-width apart, your knees bent at a 90-degree angle to the floor, and your feet flat on the floor. Now lift your hips until they are raised off the floor. Your shoulders and hips should be in a straight line. Hold for a few seconds and repeat 15 times.

Arching the Back

Start with your hands as well as your knees on the floor. Your knees should be almost shoulder-width apart. Now arch your back like a cat while holding in your abs. Next, extend the opposite leg and arm outward, holding for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side 15 times.

Regularly performing these exercises will strengthen your core and give you a stronger spine so that you can move freely and rid yourself of all the pains and aches.


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