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Is It Safe to Try a Soup Cleanse to Lose Weight?

Try a Soup CleanseJust as juicing used to be the hottest fad in weight loss until it turned out that it was essentially providing a sugar jolt with very little additional benefit, the latest trend has now turned to soup cleanse diets for the same outcome, but with less sugar. That said, while many people are trying to detox through the use of these liquid meals, there aren’t enough individuals who are taking the time to determine whether or not this practice is actually safe.

When people refer to a soup cleanse, they aren’t necessarily referring to a single diet but are instead talking about an overall category of detoxing. It can involve any of a range of different types of recipes and may require you to do anything from simply having soup every day to replacing all your meals with these liquid alternatives.

Whether or not a soup cleanse is healthy and effective is something else altogether. As there are many different forms, it is difficult to say whether or not they are all safe or effective. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. That said, as a whole it is considered to be a type of fad or crash diet and the odds are that the majority of doctors would not recommend their patients take on this kind of practice.

While there is nothing wrong with eating soup – even if you do it on a regular basis – replacing your meals with liquids very frequently or entirely can come with unexpected disadvantages. It may not look as though you are placing yourself in harm’s way – particularly if you have included a large number of veggies in the soup you’ll be consuming – but the fact is that many of these recipes and products aren’t nearly as good for you as they seem.

The packaged products vary widely in nutritional value. Moreover, if you’re having only soup for each meal, it is very likely that you will be missing out on some very important food groups. If variety is key to complete nutrition then swallowing one bowl of soup after another certainly won’t be doing the trick.

Next, many of the recommended soups for these cleanses aren’t high enough in calories to be able to satisfy your minimum daily needs. Though it does sound as though it would help you to eat very few calories if you want to lose weight, if you take in too few, your body will go into “starvation mode” and will make it more difficult to lose weight (and easier to gain).

If you want to detox your body and lose weight, you might be better off simply taking on a more healthful diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and choosing a diet pill with a fat burner and appetite suppressant, like PhenBlue.


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