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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Short Workouts

Benefits of Short WorkoutsWhen it comes to exercise, many of us have a “more is more” attitude. Often, we’re told that we need at least 30 minutes per day to count. However, while that may be a good rule of thumb for some exercises, it’s possible to use short workouts to gain the same benefits. The key is to know how to use your time strategically.

You can actually use short workouts that are only 10 minutes long to enjoy similar benefits to doing other exercises for a half hour. For those of us who have very busy schedules or who simply don’t like exercising very much, that’s great news.

Just make sure that if you will be doing short workouts in order to cover your daily exercise requirement, you’re doing things the right way. Typically speaking, this will mean a short burst of very intense exercise. That will help to give the metabolism a boost for the entire day and will help your emotional health, heart health and mental acuity.

Try to dedicate a bit of your time on most days per week to completing a yoga workout . Even ten minutes to start each day can do a lot for your mental and physical health and can prime your body for the day. It can also help you to gain better results from a short intense workout later on.

Consider this quick workout to complete your daily requirement. Do this entire series three times in a row and power through them as hard as you can:

50 jumping jacks

15 knee push-ups

15 dips

15 reverse lunges (per side)

15 body weight squats.

This will help to get your heart rate up very quickly and will focus on accessing a range of large muscle groups in highly active ways. Remember not to push yourself too hard or over strain your muscles at the same time that you pour your energy into this workout. Remember that if you aren’t putting everything you have into the intensity of this workout then it won’t give you the results you’re seeking. Intensity is easily the center of the potential for this routine.

If you find yourself in the need for energy or want faster fat burning results, don’t forget to take FenFast 375 a half hour before you begin your exercises. It might be just the advantage you need to get more out of each movement.


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