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Obesity Causes and How to Combat Them

obesity causes and solutionsIn the last 35 years the obesity rate has doubled for adults, doubled for young children, and TRIPLED in adolescents. 61% of overweight 5-10 year olds already posses at least one heart disease risk factor. The fact is most people do not practice healthy living behaviors to prevent obesity. Because obesity causes are ingrained into the average American’s life, it poses quite the dilemma. There are many factors that are to blame for obesity and obesity does not come from one cause alone usually.

-Not being active is among the top obesity causes. People who are inactive are going to be at risk for obesity because they are not able to burn off as many calories as they consume. If they consume more than they burn then weight gain begins.

-Poor eating habits or behaviors are big obesity causes as well. People who eat poorly are going to put themselves at risk for obesity as well as many other diseases. The best way to prevent obesity through diet is to eat unprocessed, non sugary whole foods. Mainly fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and lean meats.

-Pregnancy, or post pregnancy actually, maybe responsible for obesity in women. After giving birth some women find that baby weight hard to lose and can sometimes even make them discouraged. After being discouraged they gain weight from giving up.

-Lack of sleep, or poor sleeping habits. People who get less than 7 hours tend to gain weight because the body’s digestive system is all out whack and needs sleep to run and function properly. Not sleeping enough can also cause a change in hormones that will make you crave sugary food.

-Certain medications- there are certain types of medications that either make you gain weight or just prevent you from losing weight.

-Health problems. There are certain health problems that directly affect your weight, such as diabetes or thyroid problems. Other times certain health problems cause you to become increasingly inactive therefore making you gain weight. Certain health problems like arthritis and certain sports injuries cause this kind of weight gain.

-Genetics is one of the biggest obesity causes. Obesity tends to run in families. Also, health conditions that cause obesity such as thyroid are hereditary as well.

-Age, while obesity can happen to anyone of any age, it happens also because of age. As you get older your hormone production and metabolism both slow down. Things you can do at a young age and not gain weight (such as eating a whole pizza) no longer apply to you and you gain weight more easily.

-Economy issues, when the economy is bad and gas prices are outrageous- food price will go up and become outrageous as well. This tends to make people eat less healthy for the sake of saving money.

No matter what the issue, obesity is preventable and curable. With a healthy diet and normal exercise of any kind for 30 minutes 5 days a week, any person can be helped. If you are having trouble losing weight after cleaning up your diet and beginning to exercise you should talk to your doctor as those are signs of an underlying health condition.


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