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What You Should Know About the New Dietary Guidelines

new dietary guidelines informationDietary guidelines are updated once every five years. These guidelines are for all Americans aged 2 and above. This plan helps people follow a healthy and nutritious diet, maintain a healthy weight and prevent health issues. According to the new dietary guidelines, you should eat more vegetables, seafood, fruits, legumes and low-fat dairy products. Nuts, unprocessed meat and alcohol are also good food choices. However, sweetened foods and beverages should be avoided.

The new dietary guidelines establish that this pattern should be tailored and adjusted according to the biological and nutritional needs of an individual. The strategy also highlights the importance of leading a simple and stress-free life. Exercise should be made a compulsory part of our daily ritual. A majority of doctors are prescribing medication without trying to find the root cause. A complete exam and assessment is necessary for calculating the cholesterol levels and the reason why it is so high.

The panel analyzed the relationship between blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is extracted from animal sources such as eggs, meat, seafood, and dairy, whereas plant-based food has no cholesterol at all. Cholesterol plays a key role in maintaining your health. Both high and low cholesterol in specific amounts is required by the body and the absence of even one of them can cause detrimental health problems, including heart stroke, disease and obesity.

According to science, an egg daily is sufficient for meeting the daily cholesterol requirements of our body, but the stipulation is that a majority of the food with cholesterol also contains high amounts of saturated fats. So, no matter how hard the new dietary guidelines emphasize the importance of balancing cholesterol levels, you don’t have a reason to eat greasy cheeseburgers.

The dietary guidelines set out a framework for meals at schools. The new recommendations also emphasize increasing the availability of water in childcare facilities, worksites and other places where soda and beverages are available. Despite these strategies and plans, most people fail to maintain a healthy diet. Obesity is a growing epidemic in the U.S., and the incidence of chronic diseases associated with obesity is increasing in individuals.

If these dietary guidelines are followed to the T, then there is a fair chance that you can start leading a healthy and happy life. These dietary guidelines are laid out keeping in mind the nutritional needs and eating preferences of the average Joe and Jane and hence aren’t that difficult to adapt to.


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