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A Diet High in Fat May Cause Loss of Sense of Smell

loss of sense of smell and fatSmell is something that we are so dependent on each day; therefore, if you know that something that you do could cause you to have a loss of sense of smell, you certainly want to avoid it. Believe it or not, there is a lot of research that says that the foods that you eat can have a long-term impact on how well you smell and how finely tuned this sense may be. That means that you want to pay close attention to what you eat, and in this instance it’s not just for your ability to lose weight. We already know that a high-fat diet is bad for us in a number of ways, but if it’s going to affect your sense of smell, too, then it’s truly not a good thing.

Can it really be possible that things that you do can cause a loss of sense of smell? Well, the latest research shows that eating a diet high in fat has a huge impact upon smell moving forward. Not only can it cause you to gain weight and to be unhealthy but it may also cause you to lose your sense of smell dramatically. After a while, it is believed, eating high-fat foods can affect the structure of the nasal cavity. So while you may not recognize this change at first, over time it will cause your sense of smell to weaken. A small change in this at first isn’t a big deal, but sense of smell is linked to so many things and even to how you eat—so this can cause some big problems moving forward!

Long-Term Damage Can Occur

You may tend to think of the loss of sense of smell as a small problem, but it’s really not. Researchers say that you may lose as much as half of your sensitivity to smell when you eat a diet high in fat, and that’s serious indeed. Then you can’t smell what you are about to eat, and this sense is very tied into how you eat in the first place. If you realize that your sense of smell can be negatively impacted just by eating the wrong foods, that’s surely enough to make you want to change. You must be sure that you think of this when you consider high-fat foods not to be a big deal—for they really are.

So if you needed another reason to start eating healthier foods, now you have it. The higher-fat diet doesn’t only impact your waistline but may also tie into your loss of sense of smell. Though you may think that this isn’t a problem, think of when you’ve had a cold and couldn’t smell; that shows you just how awful this could be moving forward. Be in control of the foods that you eat and make the switch for health reasons and to protect your sense of smell. Be aware of what a lower-fat diet can do for you and don’t make yourself susceptible to this negative change. If you can take this advice, you will really enjoy better health in every sense in the future.


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