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How to Reduce Bloating Naturally

How to Reduce Bloating NaturallyWe all get bloated from time to time. Whether it is because of something we ate, the cause of a certain type of medication, or simply a result of a lifestyle choice, bloating is uncomfortable for everybody. At the same time, using over-the-counter remedies can cause serious cramps or worse. Knowing how to reduce bloating naturally is your best bet, and it turns out that it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Method #1: Appeal to the Properties of Peppermint

Did you know that the peppermint spice can actually soothe an aching belly and significantly reduce nausea? It is actually given homeopathically to sick pregnant women all over the world, and if you really want to know about how to reduce bloating naturally then peppermint might just become your best friend. Add a little peppermint to a cup of hot tea or even chew some gum and you should start to feel better pretty quickly.

Method #2: Get Active

Moving around is sometimes all it takes in order to get rid of that uncomfortable bloating sensation. Those who know how to reduce bloating naturally usually begin by getting active, despite any cramping they might be feeling. This helps to “jar loose” any gas bubbles that might be causing the bloat, and it can ultimately make you feel more comfortable than you did while you were sitting and stewing in your pain.

Method #3: Stop Eating Junk

One of the main reasons why you get bloated is because you have eaten something that does not agree with your digestive system. This is something that can be easily avoided. Knowing how to reduce bloating naturally often comes from trial and error, so stay away from foods that tend to make you bloat after you eat them. If you’re unsure which foods those are, then start paying closer attention to what you eat and how you feel afterwards.

Bloating does not have to ruin your day if you don’t let it. Keep in mind that while bloating is a naturally process of the body, too much bloating can cause vomiting, stomach or intestinal ruptures, and other more serious health problems. If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic bloating, it may be a sign of something more alarming. Speak with your doctor or with a gastroenterologist for more information on how to reduce bloating naturally and safely.


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