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Hill Training: Guaranteed to Speed Up Weight Loss

hill trainingA majority of dieters and runners either love hill training or hate it. The reason for such extremities is rooted in the fact that it is an extreme method for losing weight and maintaining a fit body. It is considered to be a painstaking workout regime, nonetheless producing a broad range of outstanding fitness outcomes.

Amongst all workouts you could do to acquire a fit body and lose weight, from stamina-building long runs to speed-enhancing interval track workouts, hill training is singled out as unique. It advances virtually all components of your running as it touches on nearly every training element.

Running on a flat surface is undoubtedly easier on the joints and lungs. But for people who are passionate about losing weight and toning their bodies to perfection, they might want to materialize their dream of acquiring their desired physique by adding hill training to their workout. This will keep their workouts interesting and more challenging. As your body stops responding to the same old workouts you have been doing for years, the need for going an extra mile to lose weight greatly increases your chances to shed unwanted pounds as quickly as possible.

Hill training involves running on an inclined surface of at least 3 percent for a couple of minutes or more, depending on your endurance levels. With each passing week, you can vary the incline and the duration of your run. It is ideal to repeat a hill workout once a month from the month before in order to observe and monitor your progress. Maintaining the required posture adds to the weight loss process during the training.

Here are a couple of things to know before you start following this exercise for weight loss:

Interval Hills – A fairly basic exercise but a routine that tests your endurance. Make sure you warm up for five minutes or more before you hit the hills. Attempt a small incline initially and eventually make your way to a steeper one.

Downhill Training – It is important to run downhill and avoid the inclination to reach out in front of your body with large paces in order to control your descent. The hill will automatically carry you down if you focus on maintaining a foot stride right under your center of gravity. Keep on running with light and smooth strides as you glide down the slope.

So, as you can see, hill training can indeed help you lose weight—and quickly at that.


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