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Top 10 Moves to Get a Strong Core

Get a Strong Core Workout

Core strength is extremely important, and it should be an integral component of your workout routine. This is because the core consists of all of the muscles that support your torso, including your side muscles, your abdominals, your back muscles, the psoas muscles, and the glute muscles. These all work together to protect your organs while ensuring movement, balance, and stability.

It could be difficult to target all of the muscles in your core if you are not aware of the exercises that will be most effective, so keep reading for a list of 10 movies that will help you get a strong core in a shorter amount of time.

1. Standard Crunches
These crunches will work your upper and middle abs so you can get a strong core.

2. Reverse Crunches
These crunches will work your lower abdominals.

3. V-Ups
This exercise will work your upper and lower abdominals, while also targeting the leg muscles and back.

4. Raised Knee-In
By integrating your legs into your routine, you will further target your lower abs while also engaging your leg muscles.

5. Vertical Leg Crunch
By holding your feet up in the air, you will keep your lower body engaged while using your upper body to move into a crunch to target the upper and middle abs.

6. Side Plank
This exercise targets the side abdominals while also engaging your upper and lower body.

7. Flutter Kicks
This exercise targets the lower abs while keeping the upper abs engaged.

8. Plank
The plank exercise might seem simple, but it is surprisingly tough. It engages the muscles of your legs, core, back, chest, and arms, so it is a great full-body exercise that targets the core.

9. Russian Twist
This twisting exercise will keep your core engaged while targeting the side abdominals.

10. Lying Side Crunch
This exercise also targets the side abdominals so that you can slim the waist.

By doing a variety of core exercises, you will be able to work on all of the muscles in this important region of your body without getting bored. To get a strong core, start incorporating the exercises above into your workout routine. You can also take a product like PhenBlue, which will help give you the energy to get through these tough workouts and burn more fat more easily. Before you know it, you will have a strong, slim, and sexy tummy that you will want to show off.


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