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Sensa Among Brands Charged With Deceptive Weight Loss Advertising

deceptive weight loss advertising companiesIn an industry worth billions, it should come as no surprise that there happens to be a lot of deceptive weight loss advertising. The problem is that so many people want to believe that they can lose the excess weight by doing nothing at all. If you take this pill or if you follow this fad or trend, then the weight will come off—this is what so much of the industry has been founded on. However since the claims have been investigated, these claims are not only misleading but totally false in many cases. Sensa is amongst just one of the brands that has been classified as being deceptive, and there are some solid reasons as to why that is.

When you think about deceptive weight loss advertising, these are the types of claims that just don’t make sense. The information is very limited and what is promised by using this particular product seems so unbelievable. It falls under the category of “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is”—and in the case of Sensa and others like it, this really was too good to be true. Claims such as taking this pill will help you to burn fat naturally or will help to tone the thighs without any exercise are amongst the problem advertisements. Though it may seem harmless, the reality is that when people believe in these claims they give up on healthy and proper habits.

The Information Simply Didn’t Support The Claims

When the FDA and other legislative branches started checking into this, they realized that not only were the claims flawed but that there may be some issues with the product specifically. When you think about deceptive weight loss advertising it’s a matter of the claims being made lacking factual information and therefore being potentially harmful. So if for example an individual was trying to lose weight by using only Sensa or other products with the belief that they didn’t need to eat right or exercise to change their body, they were buying into a fad that simply lacked any truth or insight whatsoever. The bottom line is that these claims are false!

So though this is an industry that has made millions off of trying to help people lose weight through various trends and fads, times are changing. Sensa is just one of a few different brands that have used deceptive weight loss advertising to prohibit people from losing weight the right way. This is something that must be looked at carefully and people need to realize that to lose weight it takes proper portion control, eating the right foods, exercising regularly, and leading a healthy lifestyle. When you can get to that point then you will stop buying into the fads and stay away from the claims that simply don’t make sense.


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