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Is it Safe to Combine Phentermine with Other Diet Pills?

safe to combine PhentermineIf you’ve talked to your doctor about having a lot of trouble losing the weight that you need to shed in order to get healthier, he or she may have offered you a prescription for the popular diet pill known as Phentermine. But is taking Phentermine enough, or should you also consider taking another diet pill at the same time? Is it really safe to combine Phentermine with other diet pills? Keep reading to learn more about this important topic so you can make the best and safest choice for your weight and your overall health.

What Some Doctors Combine Phentermine With

There are some instances in which a doctor may prescribe more than one weight loss drug. Phentermine combinations are designed to maximize the potential benefits of Phentermine, thereby helping you lose weight with greater ease and speed. For example, a doctor may prescribe Phentermine along with a low-dose prescription of an anti-depressant like Zoloft or Prozac. This combination may be referred to as Phen-Pro. But rather than treating depression, the idea here is to assist Phentermine so that it could help you shed pounds more quickly.

Qsymia is actually a drug that combines Topiramate, which is an anti-convulsant medication, with Phentermine. That’s because Topiramate’s side effects include weight loss. Even though Qsymia is available, though, some doctors may actually write up two prescriptions for Topiramate and Phentermine. And Phentermine might even be combined with other weight loss options like Belviq as well.

Combining Phentermine is Only Safe If Your Doctor Prescribes It

The combinations listed above are just a few of the options that your doctor has when helping you find the right diet pills for your needs. But it’s important to note that you should take Phentermine with another diet pill only if your doctor has prescribed the combination, discussed the safety and side effects with you, and explained why the combination is appropriate for you.

Something Else to Consider

Although some doctors will combine Phentermine with other drugs, some experts aren’t keen on the idea of giving patients Phentermine with other weight loss pills, as the potential for side effects may be too high. This is why talking to your doctor about the possible benefits and dangers of Phentermine combinations is important.

Ultimately, it’s up to your doctor to decide what diet pill is best for you and if a combination of diet pills would be right for you. Just be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions closely in terms of dosage and how long you should take the diet pills.


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