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The Best Gym Equipment to Burn the Most Calories

gym equipment to burn the most caloriesWhen you are looking to buy a home gym, you are best advised to look for the type of equipment that will provide you the most bang for your buck. This means you are going to want a system to burn the most calories while saving the most money and space. You also need to consider a few more things before purchasing a home gym of any kind.

It’s not worth spending a large amount of money on a system for the sole purpose of burning calories. You should take into consideration everything that you want to accomplish fitness-wise. This gym is going to be with you long after you lose weight. Therefore, you should consider other aspects of home fitness as well. For instance, when you are losing weight, you need to tone; so you should probably concentrate on machines that will help you in that respect also.

Another economical strategy is to purchase a machine or two that let you accomplish everything you want in terms of home fitness You can buy a Bowflex machine, for example. You should have a treadmill or elliptical for cardio, which will both burn a lot of calories and tone. A Bowflex or something comparable will burn the most calories while toning muscle. A three-in-one is probably your best bet for this and will take up relatively little space. It may not fit in a bedroom but could be set up in a study, guest room, or basement. Such machines allow for resistance training and offer the equivalent of weight training, only using resistance bows instead of weights so that you don’t have to slide weights on and off of bars.

Although a Bowflex doesn’t offer much in terms of cardio, it will burn the most calories by using resistance on the large muscles. Thus, you can meet your home fitness needs with only a treadmill or elliptical and a Bowflex. You need those two machines or a three-in-one to burn maximum calories and accomplish the maintenance your body need afterward.

The equipment that burns the least amount of calories includes free weights, exercise balls, and pilates bands. Such items are especially common in home gyms but are for toning only with no real calorie burn to speak of unless coupled with other floor exercises.
A home gym intended to burn the most calories should cost a thousand dollars or less.


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