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Benefits of Eating Small Meals

benefits of eating small mealsOne of the first lessons you’ll learn when you speak with your doctor about the healthiest ways to diet to lose weight and keep it off is about eating small meals. Keeping your portions within an appropriate size can help you to teach your body to be satisfied by a smaller amount of food and can be great for reducing your grocery spending. However, going through the process can also seem as appealing as dental surgery.

Still, while it might not be the easiest thing you take on, eating small meals doesn’t have to be difficult, either. If you use the right strategies and reduce your portion sizes in a gradual way, you can enjoy all the benefits without feeling like you’re starving all the time.

Moreover, by learning the benefits of eating small meals, you can motivate yourself to build the habit and start simply making the choices automatically, instead of forcing yourself to scale it back.

To start, it’s very important to know the difference between a portion and a serving. Those words are regularly used interchangeably, but the truth is that they aren’t the same thing. A serving refers to the amount of food that is listed on the product’s nutrition label. It is also the amount of food that you’ll see in the nutrition pyramid/plate to help to guide you to eat the appropriate amount of various foods every day.

That said, a portion is the amount you actually eat, regardless of how large or small. It’s the total size of all the helpings you’ve taken throughout the meal.

By reducing your portion size, you can still manage to obtain the right number of servings of the food groups to achieve a healthful, balanced diet, but you can also enjoy these benefits:

Better blood glucose and insulin balance – when you avoid eating large meals, you also avoid spikes and crashes of insulin production and blood glucose levels. This can help you to better control your appetite, keep a more steady mood and manage better energy levels all day long.

Weight loss – keeping your portion sizes within a recommended size can also help you to lose weight as your hunger will be better controlled and it will be simpler to decrease your daily calorie intake.

Financial savings – if you’re not eating as much at every meal, then you also won’t need to buy as much food. That has a direct impact on the size of your grocery bill. If your health isn’t enough of an incentive, then let your bank account do it!


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