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The Benefits of the Belly Dance Fitness Routine

belly dance fitness routine benefitsIf you are trying to lose weight or just want to get in better shape, the belly dance fitness routine can work quite well for you. This may be new to the mainstream, but it’s a dance and an overall fitness regimen that’s been around for ages. If you find that nothing is working to help trim your midsection or get you the body that you want, then this can be the best method to try. Sure, it may take some getting used to at first, but after a bit of initial instruction and embracing your inner goddess, you can make this your new norm. So it’s time to put all of your inhibitions aside and focus on how this cool new dance routine can help you get great results.

As you look at the belly dance fitness routine, you will find that it is focused mainly on your core. As you go through each movement, you can feel that it is initiated from the core, and therefore you are going to help shape this area of the body. This is great news because it’s often one of the hardest areas to get back into shape after you have gained some weight. What you may not realize, however, is that belly dancing in general also helps to shape the rest of the body at the same time. Sure, the core is the main part that will benefit from these movements, but the rest of the body has to get in on the act, too. So as you shimmy and shake, you are also helping to add muscle tone to your arms, legs, hips, and butt, and the whole body is moving to support this type of fitness routine.

You Get More Than You Could Ever Have Imagined

Another thing to consider with the belly dance fitness routine is that it can be a great combination of both cardio and strength training. Though you’re not lifting weights specifically, you are adding muscle tone as you hold the movements and get all of the muscles involved to do so. You are contributing to better health since the cardio is good for the heart and other organs and may even help to boost your immune system in the short run. There are so many ways that a combination type of fitness routine like this can benefit you into the long term, so it’s a winning way to shape up. You will feel better; you will look better; and you will enjoy better health into the long term, too.

So even if you feel a little silly trying the belly dance fitness routine at first, the benefits are too great to ignore. You can try a workout DVD that features this type of workout or even take a class with a friend. There are so many wonderful options that center on this tried and true method for changing your body. Though you may be focused strictly on results at first, you will love how this changes the shape of your body and ensures that you enjoy better health, too. This means that you can turn to one complete workout that also happens to be a lot of fun—giving you everything that you need and more than you could have expected!


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