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Backyard Workouts to Do This Summer

Backyard Workouts for summerSummers can be exhausting as the harsh sun can suck all your energy out. You may be too tired and lazy to hit the gym, but we can make exercising in summers easy for you by sharing some amazing backyard workouts that will help you tone your body right in your, well, backyard:


Lunges are easy and can tone the butt muscles and quadriceps. They do not require any special equipment or a lot of space and can be a perfect part of your backyard workouts. Stand with your hands on the hips and bend forward. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Your forward knee should not pass beyond your toes and your back knee should be close to the ground. Perform this exercise with both legs by taking a two-minute break in between each set.


Pushups are one of the most underestimated backyard workouts and are not given their due credit. They tone your back and shoulder muscles, and sculpt your abs. Try performing slow and steady pushups rather than fast ones. Fast pushups make you feel breathless quickly.


Crunches should be an integral part of your backyard workout regimen. Make sure not to lift yourself upwards with the help of your neck and shoulders while doing crunches. Let your abs do the job.


Lay down on the support of your elbows and knees. Keep your face in a downward position. Slowly lift your knees off the ground and try to keep your body straight till your toes and elbows touch the floor again. Keep your body in a straight line and your butt muscles tight. Do not lift your hips too high, and try to stay in the elevated position for few seconds before your legs hit the ground again.

Side Squats

Stand with your feet together. Take a big step and move your right leg forward. With your feet set apart, squat and then come back up. Pick your left leg and move it forward to set it with your right leg. If you have a big backyard, move along the entire area. If your backyard is small, keep repeating this exercise.

So, these are some backyard workouts you can do this summer. This will ensure that even as the mercury rises, you will be able to stick to your workout routine and keep your weight in check. No longer can you use the heat as an excuse to not exercise.


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